Sunday, April 15, 2007

UK and Scandinavia Counterjihad Summit

graphics swiped from GatesofVienna

This is a watershed event. It is the beginning of an international movement to counter the Islamic Jihad that is moving to impose a caliphate on the entire world. Read the entire article and continue to visit gatesofvienna, SIAD, Exile, Steen
Center for Vigilant Freedom.

Now I can tell you the news. The Baron has been in Copenhagen for the last few days. Today he is attending the UK and Scandinavia Counterjihad Summit, organized by the Center for Vigilant Freedom and hosted by SIAD, Exile, Steen, and other members of the Danish blogosphere.

Because of the previous experiences of SIAD (Stop the Islamification of Denmark), none of this could be discussed ahead of time. In the past, when SIAD’s events were publicized in advance, groups of leftist thugs known as “Anti-Racism Squads” broke up the meetings by physically attacking SIAD members and injuring some of them.

So the Counterjihad Summit was organized without advance publicity. In addition, there was strict security, and the location was known only to the leaders of SIAD. In attendance today is an international group:

Danish bloggers and anti-jihad operatives;
leaders of the UK chapter of the Center for Vigilant Freedom;
members of the Swedish group SverigeDemokraterna;
several Norwegians (including our own stalwart Fjordman);
Paul Belien* of Brussels Journal; and
the Baron and one other American representing CVF.

The whole event transpired just because the Baron couldn’t keep his ideas to himself. During an online meeting of the directors of CVF back in February, someone raised the topic of dissatisfaction among the members of the Danish chapter of Vigilant Freedom. The Danes were fed up with all the talk; they wanted some action.

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