Sunday, February 10, 2008

Who will speak against Islam, who will speak for the West?

There are too few who will stand up and defend Western values and civilization against Islam when the going gets tough. Yes, there are numerous blogs that sound the bell of freedom, but not many who put it all on the line to protect their heritage and their children's heritage. We see bloggers and writers and regular citizens assaulted legally and by terror by the forces of Islam, simply for defending their way of life. Worse, we see Westerners bending over to Islamic demands out of pure cowardice.

The encroachment by Islam on the West is relentless, ruthless and growing. Islam’s intent is for all of humanity to be Muslim, or Dhimmis to Islam. Unfortunately for the West, it's just too easy to retreat into the idiot box and pop another beer. Where are the Churchill’s and Thachers and Reagan’s? Right now, I don’t see a major Western leader with the stones to stand up and say Enough, No More.

Every concession to Islam is like giving in to a boa constrictor. Every time the prey relaxes and tries to take a breath, the constrictor tightens up just a little more. Eventually, the prey can no longer breath and is swallowed headfirst. The best defense against such a predator is to cut off it’s head before it can strike. Caging it is dangerous as it can wait for as long as it takes for a chance to escape and kill it’s keeper. Islam, like the boa is primitive and unthinking, knowing only to strike when it sees a weakness.

So who is speaking out?

The following list is by no means inclusive and surely leaves out many worthy defenders of Western Civilization. That being said, here is my list in no particular order of warriors in the fight against Islam:

Paul Ray (Lionheart)
Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs)
Geert Wilders (Dutch politician)
Rachel Ehrenfeld (writer)
Julia Gorin (writer)
Caroline B. Glick (writer)
Ezra Levant (activist)
Baron Bodessey (Gates of Vienna)
Dymphna (Gates of Vienna)
Ayaan Hirsi Ali (freedom fighter)
Walid Phares (freedom fighter)
Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch)
Hugh Fitzgerald (Jihad Watch)
The Reiligon of Peace (website)
David Horowitz (Front Page Magazine)
Foehammers Hammer (Website)
Vigilant Freedom (Website)