Sunday, April 26, 2009

'300 Taliban suicide bombers on way to Islamabad,' claim Pakistan officials

Troops of Airport Security Force stand on alert at Islamabad airport. Interior Ministry sources said 300 suicide bombers are on their way to the capital

Pakistan's Interior Secretary Syed Kamal Shah (R) said security measures had been adopted to thwart the Taliban threat

Outside the Red Mosque in Islamabad

This looks like the beginning of the end for Pakistan, with no realistic proposition from stopping the takeover by the Taliban / al Qaeda. It's also the beginning of open Jihad on the Western world.

Once Pakistan falls, it will further destabilize the surrounding countries and encourage Islamists in those countries to make major assaults against those governments. Global uncertainty will certainly spike fuel prices which leads to uncertantity and price increases of every other consumer items.

A Taliban takeover will also spur on other Islamists in the region and around the world. I have proposed for sometime that at some point there will be a trigger which will bring about Muslim uprisings in Western countries, further exacerbating global instability. .

In the West, open rebellion by Muslims against their host countries will reach unprecedented levels, requiring martial law to contain the Muslims. We can expect all those sleeper cells that have infiltrated Western society right under our Politically Correct noses to make multiple attacks and demands for the imposition of Shariah law, similar to the Pakistani example.

All those "moderate" muslims in the West will have to decide which side they are on, with the vast majority siding with their Muslim terrorist brothers.

Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria and the PA may well decide to attack Israel in concert while the world struggles to contain Islamist attacks throughout the West.

Where will you be when the Jihad hits the street?


'300 Taliban suicide bombers on way to Islamabad,' claim Pakistan officials
By Mail Foreign Service

Last updated at 12:52 PM on 26th April 2009

300 suicide bombers are on their way to Islamabad, Pakistan and plan to attack the capital and certain local officials of foreign embassies there, Interior Ministry sources said.
The suicide bombers also plan to attack Rawalpindi and Lahore and are being led by five top Taliban commanders who are close aides of Baitullah Mehsud, the leader of the country's unified Taliban movement, according to the sources.

The commanders have left North Waziristan for Islamabad and would supervise the terrorist operations planned by Baitullah Mehsud in these cities, the sources added.
Pakistan's Interior Secretary Syed Kamal Shah confirmed the report, saying that security measures had been adopted to thwart such threats. The law enforcement agencies have planned counter strategies to deal with the situation, the secretary said.

Kamal Shah added that the Northern Areas Scouts (NAS), a paramilitary force under the Army command, would reach Islamabad within a couple of days to help the civil administration in maintaining peace in the capital.
The sources said an intelligence agency provided information to the government regarding the Taliban activities, alleging that simultaneous suicide bombings followed by sniper attacks could occur.

The five Taliban commanders are identified by intelligence agencies as Shikaari, Inayatullah, Walid, Mujahid and Abdali, Interior Ministry sources said. They said all the terrorist commanders were close aides of Baitullah Mehsud.

A security officer said the Taliban commanders had left North Waziristan on April 11 for Islamabad, along with an explosives-laden Toyota Corolla. But the law-enforcement agencies were totally unaware whether they had reached their destination or postponed their operation, the officer said.
Quoting the intelligence report, the source said about 300 terrorist shooters and suicide bombers would reach Islamabad, along with the five commanders.
To counter serious threats to Islamabad, the federal government has called troops of the NAS to assist the civil administration to protect prominent personalities as well as sensitive installations of the capital city, the Interior Ministry sources said.

'At least 20 companies of the NAS are required to deal with the possible untoward situation,' the source said.