Monday, March 2, 2015

Iran: Authorities raid Christian homes, ask them to leave country

Well, Mr. Obama, what are you going to do for these Christians?  You have refused to bring in Christian refugees baed on yjor finding that they were not actually persecuted by a government.  Well, Iran is a government. You've imported ten of thousands of Muslims because they were persecuted by their governments and Islamist bands, do the dame for Christians and any other persecuted minorities in Islamic states. 

I't past time to throw open the immigration doors of America to save these people. 

Islamic Republic of Iran: Authorities raid Christian homes, ask them to leave country

March 1, 2015 10:26 pm By Robert Spencer

“Irani, a convert from Islam, had originally been charged with ‘Mofsed-fel-arz’ or ‘spreading corruption on Earth,’ which carries the death penalty.”

“Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment.” (Qur’an 5:33)

“Authorities in Iran Raid Christians’ Homes, Ask Them to Leave Country,” Morning Star News, March 1, 2015:

    ISTANBUL, Turkey (Morning Star News) – A Christian in Iran who received 80 lashes for drinking communion wine has been asked to leave the country, human right activists said.

    Agents from the Iranian intelligence service, known as VEVAK, on Feb. 16 raided the home of Mehdi Reza Omidi and two other members of house churches in Rasht, Saheb Fadaie and Yasser Mosayebzadeh, according to Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), a United Kingdom-based advocacy group. Omidi was one of four men sentenced on Oct. 6, 2013 to 80 lashes for drinking communion wine and owning a satellite antenna. Rights advocates believe the flogging was carried out within a month after sentencing.

    After the Feb. 16 raids on the homes of Omidi and the two others, authorities ordered the three Christians to report the next day for questioning, where officials asked them to leave Iran.

    The agents also confiscated their Bibles, laptops, Christian CDs and religious literature, according to CSW. Kiri Kankhwende, press officer for CSW, said authorities asking Christians to leave the country is just one of the many ways the government pressures religious minorities and suppresses Christian growth. Other ways include harassment, confiscation of property, arrests and imprisonment on false charges.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Number of Jihadists Out of Control in Britain

The over 3,000 known jihadis in Britain cannot be adequately monitored.  This did not happen overnight.  It has been growing for 40 years due to Britain's insane policy of ucontrolled Muslim immigration.

The worst part is that the authorities still continue to deny the common link between them: Islam.


Jihadi John watchlist revealed: MI5 now monitoring 3,000 'potential terror threats'

THE secret services are now monitoring an astonishing 3,000 extremists living in Britain who they fear could become future Jihadi Johns.

Published: 14:01, Sat, February 28, 2015
By Nick Gutteridge

The figure reveals an alarming rise in the number of people now considered potential terrorists who could commit 'lone wolf' attacks either at home or abroad.

Senior sources inside Whitehall revealed security officials are becoming increasingly concerned at the high profile of Islamic State and its use of social media to recruit vulnerable young men in western countries.
The revelation comes in the same week that Londoner Mohammed Emwazi was unmasked as the knife-wielding murderer Jihadi John, who has featured in several propaganda videos for the terrorist group.

In late 2007 the then head of MI5, Jonathan Evans, said that his officers were monitoring around 2,000 individuals they suspected of holding extremist views.
However, high-placed sources have now told the Financial Times that the number of so-called 'subjects of interest' has rocketed to 3,000, largely due to the rise of IS.

The officials revealed the would-be terrorists are also becoming harder to track because use of the internet means they are less and less likely to be members of known groups.
Instead, youngsters who are radicalised online are more likely to carry out unpredictable attacks on home soil - a problem one senior security officer described as like trying to follow the random “Brownian motion” of particles in a teapot.
Raffaello Pantucci, director of the respected Royal United Services Institute think-tank which specialises in international security, said that the risk of "lone wolf" attacks on the street of Britain is rising.
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Friday, February 27, 2015

Political Correctness and Islam

A little poetry.

Islam and Political Correctness

By Will Scribe

Politicians and media keep us politically corrected,
Any warnings about Islam must not be detected;
They say the majority of Muslims are quiet, law abiding,
But it’s behind the majority that the problem is hiding.

The majority of Germans did not support
The extremist ways that the Nazi’s taught;
Yet the world all suffered to the same extent,
The peaceful German majority were irrelevant.

In Russia, China and Japan, just look at the toll,
Millions upon millions killed by those in control.
A minority were able their extreme ways to enforce,
The peaceful majority could not alter their course.

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

ISIS Planning To Murder 150 Christian Hostages

So when will Abu Obama stop importing Muslims and start rescuing the tens of thousands of Christians and other minority refugees? 


ISIS 'planning to murder 150 Christian hostages if the US does not stop its air strikes'

    ISIS are reportedly planning to release a video showing Christian hostages
    Will threaten to kill them if US does not to air strikes on militants in Syria
    Thought seized women and children are being held as human shields
    Comes after 150 hostages were taken from two Assyrian communities
    They were seized during dawn raids which have spread panic among local Christians

By Jennifer Newton for MailOnline

Published: 06:29 EST, 25 February 2015 | Updated: 16:28 EST, 25 February 2015

Islamic State militants are planning to murder 150 Christian hostages they kidnapped after sweeping through villages in Syria if the U.S. does not stop air strikes, it has been reported.

The abductions of the Christians took place yesterday after ISIS seized two Assyrian communities from Kurdish forces in the northeast province of Hassakeh.

The dawn raids are said to have spread 'panic' in the villages, inhabited by the ancient Christian minority along the banks of the Khabur River near the town of Tel Hmar with most coming from the village of Tal Shamiram.

It is thought that the militants are holding the seized women and children in houses in the ISIS-held town of al-Shadadi and using them as human shields from air strikes.

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Abu Obama Appoints Muslim to House Intelligence Committee

How obvious does it have to be that Abu Obama is appointing Muslim spies throughout the government befor Congress steps in and impeaches Abu for treason?  This is especially egregious because it gives this spy direct access to our most important intelligence on the Muslim invasion of the US.


The Muslim Brotherhood’s friend in Congress

 By Frank J. Gaffney Jr. - - Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tuesday, the Center for Security Policy released a dossier showing that Rep. Andre Carson, Democrat of Indiana, has long been personally associated with individuals and organizations tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. The government has established in court that the Brotherhood’s mission is “destroying Western civilization from within.”

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Abu Obama Imports Islamist Terrorists

Abu Obama is importing Muslims at an unprecedented rate.  It is certain that some number of these new Muslim immigrants will be Islamists of various flavors bent on attacking America from within.  Coupling this with his having appointed Muslims to many senior posts within government it becomes apparent which side Abu is on.
Muslim Immigration Poses Serious National Security Threat

02/19/2015 06:55 PM ET

France, Belgium and now even liberal Denmark regret letting in so many immigrants from Muslim countries. Their swelling Islamic communities have become breeding grounds for terrorists. So why is the U.S. opening the floodgates to foreign Muslims?

The threat Muslim immigrants pose to homeland security was not addressed during the White House's three-day summit on terrorism.

Instead, Vice President Joe Biden assured Muslim groups gathered during one session that the "wave" of Muslim immigration is "not going to stop."

Wave? More like a tsunami.

Between 2010 and 2013, the Obama administration imported almost 300,000 new immigrants from Muslim nations — more immigrants than the U.S. let in from Central America and Mexico combined over that period.

This is a sea change in immigration flows, and it threatens national security.

Many of the recent Muslim immigrants are from terrorist hot spots like Iraq, where the Islamic State operates. From 2010-2013, Obama ushered in 41,094 Iraqi nationals from there.

Now the State Department says it will quadruple the number of refugees brought here from Syria, where IS is headquartered.

The U.S. will admit as many as 2,000 Syrian nationals by the end of fiscal year 2015, up from 525 since fiscal 2011.

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371 attacks on French soldiers

Netanyahu's call to all Jews to come to Israel doesn’t seem so crazy in light of this. 


Gallia Watch: 371 attacks on French soldiers guarding Jewish schools and synagogues

Since January 15 the French army’s “Opération Sentinelle” has protected 722 Jewish schools and synagogues, some 24/7 even when the establishments were empty.

The operation came to be regarded as too dangerous for the soldiers who were regularly targets of attacks. Over time the men were worn out.

The army has reported 371 incidents perpetrated against the soldiers standing guard in front of the protected sites. The Defense Ministry has announced that the men will become more mobile, rendering them less vulnerable.

The army noted that “reconnoitering, the taking of snapshots and films” by jihadists preparing future attacks had been going on. “Fourteen serious attacks, with a knife, laser, even blows with heavy sticks,” were reported. One jihadist tried to grab the rifle of a soldier on patrol at Trocadéro (Paris) before being caught (and probably released).

In Étampes, a Muslim was spotted several times by the soldiers: when he was identified, the police services realized he was a member of a band of three individuals back from Yemen and free to do as they pleased.

In Savigny-sur-Orge, a car rammed into the barriers protecting a Jewish community center.

In Nice three soldiers on guard in front of a community center were attacked with a weapon by one Moussa Coulibaly. One of the men is disfigured for life…

Monday, February 23, 2015

European Colonialism Modernized Islam

Another brilliant and informative essay by Daniel Greenfield.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

European Colonialism is the Only Thing That Modernized Islam

Posted by Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog

Like math and the Midwest, ISIS confuses progressives. It’s not hard to confuse a group of people who never figured out that if you borrow 18 trillion dollars, you’re going to have to pay it back. But ISIS is especially confusing to a demographic whose entire ideology is being on the right side of history.

Raised to believe that history inevitably trended toward diversity in catalog models, fusion restaurants and gay marriage, the Arab Spring led them on by promising that the Middle East would be just like Europe and then ISIS tore up their Lonely Planet guidebook to Syria and chopped off their heads.

But ISIS also believes that it’s on the right side of history. Its history is the Koran. The right side of its history is what Iraq and Syria look like today. It’s also how parts of Europe are starting to look.

Progressive politicians and pundits trying to cope with ISIS lapse into a shrill incoherence that has nothing to do with their outrage at its atrocities and a lot to do with their sheer incomprehension. Terms like “apocalyptic nihilism” get thrown around as if heavy metal were beginning to make a comeback.

Article continues HERE.

Islam Is Not a Religion of Peace

Article image from ISIS’ latest issue of Dabiq

Here it is, right from the horse's mouth, Islam IS NOT a religion of peace.


ISIS Upset with Obama, Kerry, ‘Heretics’ for ‘Slogan’ That Islam Is Religion of Peace

The new issue of ISIS’ magazine released today takes issue with Western leaders who assert that Islam is a religion of peace.

In the Dabiq magazine article, the writer said the wrongful “slogan” is also being used by “apologetic ‘du’at’ [beggars] when flirting with the West.”

“They have repeated this slogan so much to the extent that some of them alleged that Islam calls to permanent peace with kufr and the kafirin. How far is their claim from the truth, for Allah has revealed Islam to be the religion of the sword, and the evidence for this is so profuse that only a zind?q (heretic) would argue otherwise,” the magazine states.

The article features a photo of two men at a protest holding a sign that says “Islam = Paz,” with the caption, “Deviants claiming that Islam equals peace.”

After a page worth of quotes from the Quran that “revealed the sword against the apostates,” the article asks, “So how can the zanadiqah (heretics) or even those who blindly follow them – Bush, Obama, and Kerry – obstinately claim that ‘Islam is a religion of peace,’ meaning pacifism?”

Article continues HERE.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Real Threat to Europe

European governments continue to import Muslims at an incredible rate.  Already the Muslim population is disrupting the daily lives of the average European through violence and the formation of No-Go-Zones.  Even while the governments give into Muslim demands for more special accommodation, the Muslim street demands more.  In the not too distant future, the Muslim street will control Europe through the ballot box. 


The Real Threat to Europe

by Bassam Tawil
February 19, 2015 at 5:00 am

    Commentators in Europe voicing opinions on the terrorist attacks at Charlie Hebdo and the kosher supermarket in Paris, reverentially discussed the motivation of the terrorists, but showed distressingly little understanding of the meaning of jihad.

    Europe, hedonist and dishonest, is apparently willing to cut a deal with any violent dictator, including the most potentially violent: a nuclear-threshold Iran.

    To understand the fate awaiting Europe, it is necessary to listen seriously to what the upper echelons of Islam say to each other about their intentions -- in Arabic. These messages are quite different from those on Western television. What they say to each other is that the mission of Islam is to lead the whole world and eradicate all other religions, as they have been made irrelevant by the Qur'an.

    Charlie Hebdo's cover after the attacks illustrates the very weakness exploited by the Islamists. The cover shown Muhammad, with a tear, aligning himself with humanism. To every Muslim on the planet, it shouted France's weakness, its increasing surrender to the Islamist threat, and the growing strength of Islam.

    The real threat to Europe does not come from local Muslims who went to fight in the ranks of ISIS. The real threat comes from Muslims already in the enclaves in Europe. Their doctrine appears openly and without reservation, in books and on websites. It is spread in local languages in mosques by the imams in their communities. These communities command immigration; then the forming of enclaves in the host country, then the eventual violent takeover of the host.

Article continues HERE.

Obama's Somalis Threaten Attack on Mall of America

Abu Obama continues to import Somalis despite many returning to the Middle East to wage jihad.  It is only a matter of time until some make attacks inside the USA.  Video at link.


Somali Islamic terrorists threaten attack on Mall of America; we are bringing in over 800 Somali refugees a month right now!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 22, 2015
The news comes from the Somali capital of America—Minneapolis!  And, LOL! one of three cities that the Obama Administration touts as an example of how Muslims are happily settled in!


Mall of America officials increased security on Saturday after a terror group linked to al-Qaida released an online video that appears to call for an attack on the popular shopping destination.

Islamic terrorist group al-Shabaab specifically named the Mall of America, the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta and London’s Oxford Street in the more than hourlong video that was being circulated on Twitter.

Federal law enforcement officials told CBS News that they are investigating the video.

Mall of America officials released a statement Saturday saying that they were aware of the video that mentions the megamall and shows an image of it and its GPS coordinates.

“We will continue to monitor events with the help of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies,” according to the statement.

Article continues HERE.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

500 Jihadist Sympathizers Attend Funeral of Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein

File this under Enemies Within.  I think this gives some indication of just how many jihadist sympathizers there are in Denmark.


Feb. 20, 2015 | 06:52 PM

Hundreds reportedly attend burial for Danish gunman

COPENHAGEN, Denmark: Scores of mostly men have attended the burial of the 22-year-old Danish Muslim who shot two people dead and wounded five others at a free speech event and a synagogue in Copenhagen last weekend.

Police called it "a private ceremony" and declined to comment on media reports that up to 500 people attended Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein's funeral Friday in suburban Broendby. Denmark's TV2 channel said many didn't know him but came out of respect for his family.

The head of the Danish Islamic Funeral Foundation, Kasem Said Ahmad, said the hearse left a Copenhagen mosque after a brief ceremony and drove to the burial ground 10 kilometers away.

Ahmad said the body of El-Hussein, who was killed Sunday, was released by police earlier in the day.