Monday, March 30, 2015

Abbas Calls on Arab States to Attack Hamas

So I guess this is the end of any Hamas/PA alliance. ;)

When Israel strikes Hamas, they're called out as murderers.  But if the Arab League does it at Abbas' request, that's OK. 

Got it.


Abbas Calls on Arab States to Attack Hamas

Abbas urges 'same policy' of Yemen airstrikes to be used by Arab League in 'Palestine,' after his adviser calls for 'iron' blow to Hamas.

By Ari Yashar
First Publish: 3/28/2015, 10:33 PM

Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas used the platform of the Arab League summit in Sharm el-Shekh, Egypt, this Saturday to attack his "unity partner" Hamas, making a subtle call for the Arab states to take military action against the Gaza-based Muslim Brotherhood offshoot.

Speaking at the 26th summit in the southern Sinai peninsula, Abbas made reference to the campaign of airstrikes launched last Thursday by Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries against Iran-backed Shi'ite Houthi rebels in Yemen - the Houthis have overthrown the government while rapidly expanding their control.

"I hope that the Arab countries will take the same policy they employed in Yemen for all Arab countries suffering from internal conflict - like Palestine, Syria, Libya and Iraq," Abbas said according to Yedioth Aharonot, in an open jab at Hamas in Gaza.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Abu Obama's Muslim Immigrant Invasion Goes On

Abu Obama's Muslim immigrant tsunami continues unabated.  We need to stop all Muslim immigration and replace it with the millions of Christians displaced from Muslim countries by the Muslim sectarian warfare going on there.  If we can import 100,000 un-vetted Muslims per year we can welcome 100,000 Christians per year instead.  Unlike the Muslim hoards, there won't be a single Christian screaming "In Jesus' Name" and self detonating. 


'Huge surge' of 'unscreened' Muslims flooding U.S.

Feds 'admit, under oath, that they have no idea who these people are'

Greg Corombos

Muslim immigration from dangerous nations is dramatically higher in recent years, and government assurances that immigrants are being properly screened is “a farce,” according to accomplished author and columnist Paul Sperry.

“It’s a huge surge under Obama. In the last three years, he’s averaged 100,000 new immigrants from Muslim nations a year. That is very alarming. It’s more than we’re importing both from Central America and Mexico combined. This is a big shift in immigration flows,” said Sperry, who is the author of “Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington” and co-author of “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America.”

“It’s really insane what we’re doing. No one’s really talking about it, but this mass immigration from Muslim countries poses a serious national security threat,” said Sperry, who is also a Hoover Institution media fellow and former Washington bureau chief of WND. Sperry frequently writes for the New York Post and Investor’s Business Daily.

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Quebec Police Cringes in Fear Of Muslim Violence

Once again, a Western police force has bowed down in fear of a Muslim riot.  Rather than tell Pegida to not demonstrate, if the police had an ounce of courage or desire to defend Western society they would provide whatever security was necessary for Pegida's safety.  Every time Western authorities cringe and whimper before Muslim demands, the Muslim invading force wins another battle.

Shame on the Quebec police.


Pegida Cancels Montreal Rally at Police Advice Over Safety Concerns

03:51 29.03.2015(updated 04:17 29.03.2015)

Pegida announced that it cancelled its planned rally in Montreal after police advised those who showed up for the event to leave, as a counter-demonstration had been organized on the spot.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Pegida (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) cancelled its planned rally in Montreal after police advised those who showed up for the event to leave, as a counter-demonstration had been organized on the spot, the group has announced.

"PEGIDA Quebec had to cancel its peaceful march," the group said on its Facebook page, explaining that the decision was motivated by safety concerns and was made "at the advice of police."

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Somali Muslims Riot at High School

Muslims doing what they do best; riot and destroy when they don't get their way, or they're insulted, or think they're insulted, or for no reason at all.  And the PC police doing what they do best; cower in fear then actually protect the rioters and maybe arrest anyone protesting the Muslim riot.

Political Correctness may well be the most dangerous threat to Western civilization.


Somali Muslims Swarm School, Force Lockdown After Somali Posts ISIS-Supportive Picture

by Katie McHugh

24 Mar 2015

Over a hundred alien Somali Muslims, imported into the U.S., courtesy of non-discriminatory refugee policies, swarmed St. Cloud Technical High School on Friday in a rage.

Shockingly, a fight broke out between Somali Muslim students on Friday, two days after a student posted a social media image of a wheelchair-bound girl whom posters claimed to be affiliated with the Islamic State (ISIS). A student is reportedly being “disciplined” for the photo–meaning he or she will be given a reprimand and will be allowed to roam society freely without restriction or inhibition after inciting jihad against America.

Jeff Oxton of the St. Cloud Police Department reassured media that the angry, alien mob will not be punished, and police were on hand not to arrest lawbreakers, but to “keep the situation calm” by refusing to engage with Somali agitators.

Somali leader Abdul Kulane, who curiously agitates against America instead of helping poverty-stricken Somalians, told KARE11 that unhinged violence was a positive good, so long as it was directed against Minnesota taxpayers, who funded the school districts that Muslim aliens have swamped.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Jeh Johnson Thinks the Quran has American Values

Another top Obama apointee spouting Taqiyya and trying to whitewash the violent nature of Islam.  No surprises here. 


DHS Secretary: Reading Quran reminds me of quintessential American values

March 24, 2015 11:08 am By Robert Spencer

    DHS secretary Jeh Johnson says reading of Quran reminds him of quintessential American values

    — Nasreen Hosein (@NasreenHosein) March 18, 2015

Yeah, you know — quintessential American values like…slaying infidels wherever you find them:

2:191-193: “And slay them wherever you come upon them, and expel them from where they expelled you; persecution is more grievous than slaying. But fight them not by the Holy Mosque until they should fight you there; then, if they fight you, slay them — such is the recompense of unbelievers, but if they give over, surely Allah is All-forgiving, All-compassionate. Fight them, till there is no persecution and the religion is Allah’s; then if they give over, there shall be no enmity save for evildoers.”

…and wife-beating:

4:34: “Men are the managers of the affairs of women for that Allah has preferred in bounty one of them over another, and for that they have expended of their property. Righteous women are therefore obedient, guarding the secret for Allah’s guarding. And those you fear may be rebellious admonish; banish them to their couches, and beat them. If they then obey you, look not for any way against them; Allah is All-high, All-great.”

…and killing those who leave Islam:

4:89: “They wish that you should disbelieve as they disbelieve, and then you would be equal; therefore take not to yourselves friends of them, until they emigrate in the way of Allah; then, if they turn their backs, take them, and slay them wherever you find them; take not to yourselves any one of them as friend or helper.”

…and crucifying or amputating the hands and feet of those who “hasten about the earth to do corruption”:

5:33: “This is the recompense of those who fight against Allah and His Messenger, and hasten about the earth, to do corruption there: they shall be slaughtered, or crucified, or their hands and feet shall alternately be struck off; or they shall be banished from the land. That is a degradation for them in this world; and in the world to come awaits them a mighty chastisement.”

…and amputating the hands of thieves:

5:38: “And the thief, male and female: cut off the hands of both, as a recompense for what they have earned, and a punishment exemplary from Allah; Allah is All-mighty, All-wise.”

…and beheading the unbelievers:

8:12: “When thy Lord was revealing to the angels, ‘I am with you; so confirm the believers. I shall cast into the unbelievers’ hearts terror; so smite above the necks, and smite every finger of them!'”

…and fighting people until they submit to your religion:

8:39: “Fight them, till there is no persecution and the religion is Allah’s entirely; then if they give over, surely Allah sees the things they do.”

…and striking terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah:

8:60: “Make ready for them whatever force and strings of horses you can, to terrify thereby the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and others besides them that you know not; Allah knows them. And whatsoever you expend in the way of Allah shall be repaid you in full; you will not be wronged.”

…and killing idolaters:

9:5: “Then, when the sacred months are drawn away, slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them, and confine them, and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they repent, and perform the prayer, and pay the alms, then let them go their way; Allah is All-forgiving, All-compassionate.”

…and subjugating Jews and Christians (the People of the Book):

9:29: “Fight those who believe not in Allah and the Last Day and do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden — such men as practise not the religion of truth, being of those who have been given the Book — until they pay the tribute out of hand and have been humbled.”

…and killing and being killed for Allah:

9:111: “Allah has bought from the believers their selves and their possessions against the gift of Paradise; they fight in the way of Allah; they kill, and are killed; that is a promise binding upon Allah in the Torah, and the Gospel, and the Koran; and who fulfils his covenant truer than Allah? So rejoice in the bargain you have made with Him; that is the mighty triumph.”

…and being harsh to unbelievers:

9:123: “O believers, fight the unbelievers who are near to you; and let them find in you a harshness; and know that Allah is with the godfearing.”

…and beheading unbelievers:

47:4: “When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks, then, when you have made wide slaughter among them, tie fast the bonds; then set them free, either by grace or ransom, till the war lays down its loads. So it shall be; and if Allah had willed, He would have avenged Himself upon them; but that He may try some of you by means of others. And those who are slain in the way of Allah, He will not send their works astray.”

What could be more American?

Christians Driven From Iraq

OK Mr. Obama and Europe, when are you going to open your doors and help these people?   Instead you continue to import millions of Muslims who are the very ones driving Christians from their homes.  The Muslim invasion of the Western world is at a turning point beyond which Western civilization will cease to exist and be replaced with an Islamic hell hole.  We don't need to worry that Christian immigrants will self-detonate in shopping malls and try to impose Christianity on our legal systems.  We don't need to worry that Christians will flood the unemployment and welfare roles but rather be grateful for the opportunity to integrate and live in freedom.

2.5 Million Christians Have Left Iraq Since 2003

Less than 1.3 million Christians remain in the country

Basnews  |  Mewan Dolamari

24.03.2015  14:59


Christian MP in Baghdad Joseph Slewa claims that since 2003, 2.5 million Christians have fled Iraq.

“The number of Christians who have left Iraq since 2003 has reached 2.5 million. Due to the current situation in the country, five Christian families leave Iraq every day,” said Slewa.

“According to our information, every day between 3 and 5 Chaldean and Assyrians families leave Iraq for neighboring countries.”

“These families fly to those countries, before trying to emigrate to Europe or the US.

“There are less than 1.3 million Christians remaining in Iraq,” he added.

Slewa said instability and a lack of implementation of legal protection had contributed to the exodus, alongside the current conflict with Islamic State.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Obama's Betrayal Of America

An outstanding five part series describing the bredth and depth of the Muslim Brotherhood's inroads into Obama administration. Well worth the read.  

The Abu image is from another source, but sums up the Betrayal Papers.


Betrayal Papers Part I: Under Obama The US Captured by the Muslim Brotherhood


The Betrayal Papers will trace the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama administration’s foreign and domestic policies.

The five-part series will present Muslim Brotherhood USAa picture of a conspiracy that is manipulating the American government to the benefit of a totalitarian, genocidal movement that seeks to establish a global Islamic State.

    The Muslim Brotherhood is an international political, financial, terrorist and movement whose goal is to establish a global Islamic State (Caliphate).
    They have and continue to exert tremendous influence of the American government’s foreign and domestic policies under President Barack Hussein Obama.
    The violence in the Middle East and across North Africa is a direct consequence of the Muslim Brotherhood’s effective control over American foreign policy in the region.
    They operate through various “civic” front groups, as well as through American institutions who take their money as operational funding (Georgetown University, Brookings Institution).



Betrayal Papers Part 2: In Plain Sight: A National Security “Smoking Gun”



Betrayal Papers Part 3: Obama’s Scandals and Assaults on Freedoms Explained



The Betrayal Papers, Part IV of V: A New Genocide



The Betrayal Papers: And the Press Says Nothing…

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Our Laws, Not Sharia

Don't mess with Texas.  A bright light in a sea of Islamic darkness in America.  At last, public officials not afraid to tell the Muslim street to comport themselves to our way of life.  Hopefully, more small and large towns will fol;low suit and make it clear that Muslim immigrants must not try to impose their way of life on America.


Our laws, not Sharia: Female mayor tells unhappy Muslims ‘respect them, obey them, embrace them’

March 24, 2015

Cheers erupted in the city council meeting room in Irving, Texas, last week as the city passed an ordinance to make sure foreign laws would never replace Americans or Texas laws – but the city’s Muslim activists weren’t happy.

That’s because the 5-4 vote supported a proposed state law that was inspired by the establishment of a Muslim tribunal in Irving that supporters say is meant only to help local Muslims use Islamic laws to settle domestic disputes, but critics say is the first step to getting Sharia law implemented in Texas..

“The elephant in the room in that it’s the anti-Sharia bill,” one activist told the local CBS station.

Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne is an outspoken opponent of the Muslim tribunal and the possibility of Sharia law in the United States, but stressed during Thursday’s council meeting that the ordinance did not mention Sharia by name, or any other religion.

The point, she said, was that American and state civil laws reign supreme – and no foreign law has standing.

“Respect the, obey them, embrace them,” she said.

US Has Fourth Largest Twitter Group Supporting ISIS

This study from the Brookings  Institution points out where the preponderance of Twitter users who support ISIS are.  That the US has the fourth largest population after Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iraq is alarming to say the least.

Defining and describing the population of ISIS supporters on Twitter


By: J.M. Berger and Jonathon Morgan

Although much ink has been spilled on ISIS’s activity on Twitter, very basic questions about the group’s social media strategy remain unanswered. In a new analysis paper, J.M. Berger and Jonathon Morgan answer fundamental questions about how many Twitter users support ISIS, who and where they are, and how they participate in its highly organized online activities.

Article continues HERE.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Facebook Sides With Islamists Against Christians

Now we know which side of the Islamic war against the West Facebook is on. 


SHARIA-COMPLIANT FACEBOOK blocks 'I Am a Christian' ad for ‘offensive’ speech

By Shoebat Foundation on March 19, 2015 in General

Facebook has blocked an advertisement for the upcoming independent film “I am a Christian,” citing marketing rules against ads that use ‘offensive’ (in other words, pro-Christian) speech.

Washington Times  Producers of film, set to star Fox News contributor Stacey Dash and “Hercules” star Kevin Sorbo, are attempting to raise $500,000 in production costs online. The film will tell the story of Meriam Ibrahim, a Sudanese woman who refused to recant her Christian faith in the face of a death sentence, The Daily Caller reported.

The production company Christian Lives Matter, which so far has only raised $2,400 for the film, says Facebook rejected a promotional ad that asked users to proudly declare their Christian faith.

“Are you a Christian?” the ad asks. “We challenge you to change your profile picture to this ‘I Am A Christian’ photo for one week! Change your picture now, and challenge your friends to do the same. Stand up and declare Yes, I Am A Christian!!!”

One of the film’s producers told The Daily Caller in an interview that he was “shocked” to learn Facebook rejected the seemingly harmless ad.

FACEBOOK said: “Your ad wasn’t approved because it doesn’t follow Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines for language that is profane, vulgar, threatening or generates high negative feedback,” Facebook reportedly wrote to producers of the film. “Ads can’t use language that insults, harasses or demeans people, or addresses their age, gender, name, race, physical condition or sexual preference.” (Yes, we can’t demean people – Muslims – who execute people for being Christians, now, can we?)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Afghan Cleric And Police Defend Stoning of Woman

This is the mob mentality of Muslims. This is what our Western leaders are working night and day to import.  It matters not how many "peaceful" Muslims immigrate, what matters is how many fanatical bloodthirsty Muslims are imported.  Even the Afghan police, who are supposed top uphold the law side with the riotous murdering mobs.

It is obvious that there are no major, or even moderately large protests by the so called peaceful Muslims against such barbarity.  Those few who rational Muslims who do speak out against this risk ostracism at the least and death at the worst. 

The solution is to stop Muslim immigration and to deport any and all who show any signs of wanting to impose Sharia on Western society, either through violence or through political means.

Given the current genocide of Christians and other minorities in the Middle East and North Africa, the West should throw open it's doors to those who wish to escape Muslim persecution and live here in freedom.


Afghan cleric and others defend lynching of woman in Kabul

Fri, Mar 20 21:07 PM GMT

By Hamid Shalizi and Jessica Donati

KABUL (Reuters) - An Afghan cleric and a police official on Friday defended the lynching of a woman in central Kabul after a mob was filmed stamping on the woman and smashing a brick on her head after she was accused of burning a Koran, Islam's holy book.

The woman's body was set on fire and thrown onto the banks of Kabul's main river on Thursday.

It was unclear whether she had actually burned a Koran, but during Friday prayers at a mosque in a smart area of Kabul, a cleric's sermon broadcast by loudspeaker told devotees that the crowd had a right to defend their Muslim beliefs at all costs.

"I am warning the government not to arrest those who did this, because it will mean an uprising," said the cleric at the Wazir Akbar Khan mosque.

Another Afghan man boasted on Facebook of participating in the lynching, saying that "pious people of Kabul, including myself, killed her and then burnt her. Her place is in hell."

A spokesman in the Kabul police chief's office also appeared to justify the killing, saying the woman had deliberately insulted Islam.

Article continues HERE.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Egyptian Government Sentences Chief Of Muslim Brotherhood to Death

Unlike Abu Obama, who has infected the higheat levels of the US government with Muslim Brotherhood operatives, Egypt understands the danger of the Brotherhood and is removing them from this life.


Egyptian Government Sentences Chief Of Muslim Brotherhood & 20 Other Jihadists To Death By Hanging
Posted on March 19, 2015 by Theodore Shoebat

The Egyptian government under General al-Sisi just sentenced twenty-one more Muslim Brotherhood members to death by hanging. Amongst the twenty-one sentenced is Mohamed Badie, the chief of the Muslim Brotherhood. Badie and thirteen other Muslim Brotherhood terrorists were found guilty of organizing an “operation room” by which to guide terrorists and mobs to revolt against the al-Sisi government and spread chaos throughout Egypt.

Badie is also standing trial for violence that was done by certain acolytes Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood leader who controlled Egypt before being ousted out by the Egyptian military.

These same terrorists who were sentenced to death were found guilty of planning attacks on police stations, churches, and other private property. The other terrorists sentenced to death are very prominent members of the Muslim Brotherhood, such as Mahmoud Ghozlan, Saad El-Hossainy, Salah Soltan, and Fathy Shehab.

Article continues HERE.