Monday, April 13, 2015

40 Muslim Jihadi Have Returned to America From the ME

So, at least two hundred Muslims from America have gone to Syria to fight in that esspool of Islamic madness.  The question is how many more are there and what the hell is the Obama administration doing about it?  If 20 percent have returned, that's about 40 battle hardened, trained Muslim terrorists roaming around the Heartland.  As of now, the Administration is importing about 100,000 Muslims per year from that part of the world and they simply cannot be vetted properly.  The problem can only get worst and it will get worse fast with the administration's insane importation of Muslims.

At the same time, the several million Christians who have been displaced by all the infighting between Muslim sects in the Middle East and Africa are restricted to a only a few hundred being allowed refugee status per year.

Seems to me that the balance is upside down.  we shouyld be prioratizing the immigration of displaced Christians and minimizing the importation of Muslioms.  So far as I know, no Christians have yet to self-detonate while screaming "Jesus is Great". 


Counter-Terrorism: The Returned

April 10, 2015: The United States recently revealed that nearly 200 Americans had gone to Syria to join ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) and that about 20 percent of those had returned home. None of the returnees have been detected engaging in Islamic terrorist activity and not all those who went to work for ISIL went to fight. Some served with aid groups and other serviced as non-combat specialists (something ISIL had been calling for). While American Moslems comprise about three percent of all Moslems they were only about one percent of the foreign Moslems who went to join ISIL. American Moslems have long been less supportive of Islamic radicalism and are even less likely to provide financial support to Islamic terror groups but that is in part because the United States has been the most active nation in detecting and shutting down fund raising for Islamic terrorism. In the last decade and especially the last few year these efforts have convinced most Moslem nations to find and shut down such fund raising in their own territory, especially those that pose as “Islamic charities” but are, after not much investigation, revealed to be fronts for Islamic terror groups.

The United States won’t reveal details of how they monitor domestic charities or American Moslems attracted to ISIL calls to come and fight in Syria and Iraq. But it is now known that American intelligence agencies and even many police departments have become major users of special software for monitoring public web activity. A lot of recruiting and fund raising for Islamic terror groups is done on the web and all you have to do is make some effort (and have some ability to translate foreign languages a lot of this activity takes place in) to discover who, where and when.

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