Monday, May 18, 2015

British Metropolitan Police Are Idiots

If this is the best we can do to counter the Islamic Jihad, we are doomed. 


Police consider forced deradicalisation as terror arrests soar
Officers may seek powers to force people on to programmes, as they release figures saying hundreds of potential suspects have returned from Syria 

Islamic State has attracted thousands of foreign jihadis to its cause. 

Photograph: Alamy 
Vikram Dodd and agencies

Thursday 14 May 2015 09.37 EDT Last modified on Thursday 14 May 2015 09.38 EDT 
Police battling a growing tide of Britons attracted to jihad may ask for new powers to force people on to deradicalisation programmes, Britain’s counter-terror chief has said.

The Met’s assistant commissioner for specialist crime and operations, Mark Rowley, said the effort to stop people becoming terrorists needed a programme to prevent their radicalisation. 
The current one, called Prevent, has been criticised and Rowley said the measures could be beefed up, as arrests for alleged terror offences run at nearly one a day.

Police said on Thursday that more than 700 potential terror suspects had travelled to Syria and hundreds of them had returned to the UK.
Around half of the people of “significant concern” who had made the journey to the war-torn country were believed to have come back, Scotland Yard said.

Rowley said: “Do we need a mandatory counter-radicalisation programme that we can force people on to?”
Currently only those convicted of an offence can be forced into a programme to deflect them from extremist views.

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