Wednesday, April 8, 2015

ISIS Fighters Return to the US

As always, the question is how many more are there that the government has no clue about?  It's beyond belief that any Western government could keep adequate tabs on every would-be Muslim terrorist.  There are literally hundreds of millions of faithful Muslims just itching for the chance to go jihad to guarantee them a place in heaven. 


DHS Secretary: At Least 40 Americans Who Fought With ISIS Overseas Are Back in the US

Leah Barkoukis | Apr 07, 2015

At least 40 American citizens that have left to join the fight in Iraq and Syria are now back in the U.S., according to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, raising serious questions about the United States’ counterterrorism strategy here at home.

“As I understand it, of the 180 Americans who have gone overseas to fight in Iraq and Syria, 40 have come back. I assume you're keeping close tabs on those 40?” 60 Minutes’ correspondent Lesley Stahl asked Johnson in an interview that aired Sunday.

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