Thursday, April 30, 2009

KC Lahore imposes ban on jeans after alleged threats

Kinnaird College in the heart of the second largest city in Pakistan has been intimidated by terrorist threats over student dress. Of course, having acceded to these demands, the school can expect a string of new and ever more controlling demands. Eventually, the College will cease to exist as a center of learning.

No one though seems concerned about the number and whereabouts of Taliban / al Qaeda terrorists that have infiltrated the cities of Pakistan.

Over the past several years, thousands of Muslims from around the world have come and gone from al Qaeda and Taliban training camps in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border regions. While some of them have surfaced like those in the Mumbai attacks, we don't hear much from all the camp graduates that have infiltrated back to their country of origin, such as Britain, the EU, Canada, and America, not to mention India and the Philippines.

So where are those people, how many are there and what are their plans?


KC Lahore imposes ban on jeans after alleged threats

LAHORE: The Kinnaird College (KC) administration has banned the students from wearing jeans or other tight dresses in the wake of possible terrorist threats. The college has imposed a strict dress code that only allows students to wear Eastern dresses such as shalwar qameez or loose trousers. Dupatas have been made mandatory. KC Vice Principal Nikhat Khan told Daily Times the measures were in line with a government notification, and had no connection with rumours about burqa-clad women issuing warnings to students. She said jeans and tight dresses were banned on college premises since years but the new principal was unaware of the ban and girls were using this to their advantage. Students reported an atmosphere of fear after the introduction of rules that barred students from wearing dresses of their choice. afnan khan