Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pashto female singer killed

Another case of honor killing by a woman's brothers. This time because the woman refused to stop singing professionally. It doesn't take much to outrage pious Muslims to kill their female relatives. I will say this, at least this time, the police have started an investigation, a rarety in the Islamic world.

Islam must be stopped from invading the West.


Pashto female singer killed

PESHAWAR: Pashto female singer Shamim Aiman Udas was killed on Sunday, police said. Her husband Usman reported at Paharipura Police Station that the singer’s brothers Alamgir and Ismaeel were not happy with her having singing profession despite their disapproval. They (allegedly) opened fire on her near Koochi Plaza and killed her. Police registered a case against the two accused. staff report