Thursday, April 23, 2009

Prison for prosecutor bomb attack

This is a case of judicial cowardice and outrageous failure of the Swedish government to protect it's citizens from Muslim terrorist attacks.

Here we have a terrorist bombing on a public street, intended to intimidate a government prosecutor and the perpertrators receive only three and one half year prison sentence. Until Sweden jails Islamic terrorists for many decades instead of a few years, they will just return to killing non-Muslims. Given the high recidivism rate of other released Muslim terrorists, long, long prison terms are the best defense against more bombings.


Prison for prosecutor bomb attack
Published: 22 Apr 09 14:23 CET

Two men suspected of planting a bomb which exploded on the front steps of prosecutor Barbro Jönsson’s home were found guilty on Wednesday and each sentenced to three and a half years in prison.

The two men from Malmö, Arabzadeh Mohammad Abadi, 25, and Moayed Abedi, 24, were convicted of devastation endangering the public as well as threatening a public servant.