Friday, April 24, 2009

Taliban advance puts 650,000 Pakistanis 'at their mercy'

Pakistan is on the brink of a Taliban takeover. The most disturbing aspect of course is Pakistan's approximately 100 nuclear bombs that may well fall into the hands of some of the most rabid and fanatical Muslims on earth. That a bunch of Muslim fanatics, with a desire to kill as many infidels as possible, with no regard for their own lives is the worst nightmare imaginable.

Pakistan's nuclear weapons cannot under any circumstances be allowed to fall into terrorist hands, even if it means bombing the weapons into oblivion.

Frankly, it looks like the government is just a front to allow a Taliban takeover of the country. Large parts of Pakistan are now under Taliban control and the Taliban is on a major assault against the remaining areas.


Taliban advance puts 650,000 Pakistanis 'at their mercy'

More than 650,000 people in Pakistan's north-west Buner district are "at the mercy" of the Taliban as the country's government fails to deal with the advance of militants, it has been warned.

Consternation is growing in the west over the apparent territorial gains the Taliban is making in Pakistan's North West Frontier province.

Several weeks ago Pakistani government agreed to hand control over to insurgents in the Swat Valley, with Sharia law imposed as a result.

And now 400 to 500 heavily-armed Taliban fighters have seized control in neighbouring Buner, which lies just 120km from Islamabad.

"The Pakistani government is fiddling as the North West Frontier Province burns," said Sam Zarifi, the Asia-Pacific director of Amnesty International.

"The government has not given any sense of how it intends to protect the rights of hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis who are now subject to the repressive rule of the Taliban, just in the shadow of the capital."

Mr Zarifi added that police in Buner were not challenging Taliban fighters, effectively handing control over to insurgents.

"The Taliban in Buner are establishing themselves as the ruling authority instead of the Pakistani government, just as we've seen in several other areas they have taken over," he continued.