Saturday, May 2, 2009

10-yr-old alleges sodomy, Delhi cleric arrested

Iranian pervert mullah

Buggering little boys seems to be a somewhat common Muslim practice. The big bad Afghanistanis and Iranians also like little boys.


10-yr-old alleges sodomy, Delhi cleric arrested

New Delhi: A 21-year-old cleric of a madrassa was arrested on Friday for allegedly sodomising a 10-year-old boy in the national capital, police said.
Mohammad Shehzad, who had joined the madrassa of Kali Masjid in Hazrat Nizamuddin a fortnight ago, was arrested for sodomising one of the students on Tuesday night.
Shehzad has been sent to the jail, police said.
The police said the boy could only muster the courage to tell his mother about the incident Thursday.
The boy's mother along with few other locals then went to the madrassa and thrashed the cleric.
The boy's father died some time back and since then he has been living with his mother.