Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Beginner’s Guide to ISLAM

A very good and well documented primer for anyone interested in knowing the true intentions of Islam.


A Beginner’s Guide to ISLAM
Written by Geoff Dickson
Saturday, 02 May 2009


TEN easy Steps to being a good Muslim

1. Every muslim must follow Mohammed’s example.
2. The first duty is to Jihad.
3. The whole world must be converted to Islam.
4. Mohammed states that Terror brings Victory.
5. Allah will punish you if you don’t fight.
6. Muslims must fight ALL non muslims.
7. Fight with any means available to you.
8. If a muslim leaves Islam, you must kill them.
9. If you suspect another muslim is not on the correct path, kill them.
10. If you get killed fighting for Allah, you will go to Paradise.


So it only takes a few minutes reading out of your busy life to understand that Islam is all about Jihad, killing the infidel, and bringing Islam to the whole world.Of course, once you understand that, you can start to consider living under Sharia Law and experiencing the delights of 7th century living. There is the genital mutilation of young girls, child marriage and polygamy, concubines and raping infidel women, beheadings, honour killings, stoning women to death for adultery, cutting of hands and feet for minor offences, and of course, slavery. And don’t forget that music is banned as is wine! So if you like 7th century living like this, then Islam is for you!

Then one day you might just have doubts and understand that Allah is NOT the loving, all merciful, creator God that you thought he was. Let us hope it is not too late!