Thursday, May 14, 2009

Billionaire sheik pays £250,000 to fly 30 members of Household Cavalry

Members of the Household Cavalry show off their moves to Abu Dhabi's Tala al Hashimi in Hyde Park this morning

Just how low will Britain allow itself to sink in it's headlong rush into dhimmitude? Many Brits seem to think that having one of the oldest military units to be flown to Abu Dhabi to perform for an Arabic "prince", like some sort of performing monkeys. Does the British government not realize that to the prince, they are only dirty kuffirs only suited to amuse their Muslim masters?

Wake up Britain, find your collective backbone and expel the Muslim cancer from your midst. Wake up and regain your self respect.


Billionaire sheik pays £250,000 to fly 30 members of Household Cavalry - and their horses - to Abu Dhabi for show

By Rebecca English

Last updated at 2:01 PM on 14th May 2009

When troops are sent to the Middle East, they don't generally expect an easy ride.
But this time 30 members of the Household Cavalry - and their horses - seem to have landed on their feet - and hooves.
For a billionaire Arab sheik has offered to pay for them to fly to Abu Dhabi and perform for him - at a cost of £250,000.
The Musical Ride will travel on business-class flights and stay at one of the country's top hotels, at his expense.

And their mounts get an even better deal. Sheik Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who is one of the richest men in the world, has arranged for a specially adapted Boeing 747 jet to take them there.
At their destination, the horses will be put up in air-conditioned stables, with a team of staff to entertain their every whim.
'It looks like the horses are going to get better treatment than we will,' joked spokesman Captain Michael Fry.