Friday, May 8, 2009

Taliban fighters use civilians as 'human shields' as battle for Pakistan tears Swat Valley apart

Unusual camouflage: Pakistani soldiers are trucked to the Swat Valley to fight Taliban militants

Meanwhile hundreds of refugees queue for food in a temporary camp after fleeing the fighting

This didn't take long to unfold, and may well be the beginning of the end for Pakistan as a "secular" government. It's almost certain that if the Western powers do not immediately join with and aid the Pakistan government to overwhelm the Taliban expansions, Pakistan will fall in the near future.

I think it's reasonable to believe that there are many Taliban already infiltrated into Islamabad and Pakistan cities with more on the way.

If Pakistan falls, Afghanistan won't be far behind. And if Afghanistan falls, western India will come under Muslim attack. Other Islamic countries, Islamic terrorist groups and Lone wolf Jihadi will become emboldened and "come out of the woodwork" to join the Great Jihad.

Israel will be under imminent threat of attack and invasion by Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran.

In other words, anything can trigger a major increase of Muslim terrorist attacks and perhaps lead to global uprisings by Muslims.


Taliban fighters use civilians as 'human shields' as battle for Pakistan tears Swat Valley apart

By Liz Hazelton

Last updated at 4:01 PM on 07th May 2009

Taliban fighters are reportedly using terrified civilians as human shields today as fierce fighting tore through Pakistan's north-west frontier.
Militants blocked roads with rocks and trees as the the army stepped up a ferocious ground and air assault.
The military had relaxed a blanket curfew in the area, which should have allowed many thousands to escape the Swat Valley, the frontline in a bloody conflict between extremists and the government.

But witnesses said civilians were forced to dodge blockades as well as bullets as the Taliban resorted to increasingly desperate tactics.
Ayaz Khan, 39, from the Kanju area of Swat, said he had attempted to flee with his family by car but found that the road was blocked by rocks, boulders and tree trunks.
He was forced to turn back. 'I am helpless, frustrated and worried for my family,' he said in a phone call.

On the streets of Mingora, Swat's capital, witnesses reported seeing heavily armed Taliban fighters roaming the streets as residents cowered in their homes.
One health worker said she had been warned to stay inside by militants.
'During the whole of last night, I heard firing, and again this morning,' said the woman, who would only give her first name, Maryam.
'I don't know when some weapon will hit our home and kill us.'