Monday, May 18, 2009


Some Bratz

This is rich, moral indignation from the folks who beat women, behead non believers, stone suspected adulteresses and cut off the hands of thieves. I'll never get used to the hypocrisy of Islam.

Now Barbie has again "offended" some Muslims. Well, a good look at the "Bratz" dolls will really get their panties in a wad. Perhaps we should begin a program of air dropping millions of Barbie and Bratz dolls over all of the Middle East just to piss off the Islamists. And remember, this moral indignation is from "modern" Islamic Turkey, that wants to join the European Union.



Just two months past her 50th birthday, Barbie, the famous doll produced by the Californian company Mattel, is at the centre of a campaign launched by the head of national education in the city of Eskisehir, not far from Ankara, who wants to remove the image of the doll from students' backpacks. The news comes from the newspaper Milliyet under the headline ''Anti-Barbie Squad'' : the name of the campaign which the head of education in Eskisehir, Ibrahim Ceylan, has initiated and which is also targeting the foreign cartoon super-heroes Spiderman, Batman and Superman. Ceylan said that the ''images of these super-heroes are almost obscene, on bags and objects that students use. These images draw students into a dream-world and carry them away from real life. We want to protect students from the invasion of foreign culture and that is why we have ordered the technical institute for girls' education to prepare bags and T-shirts that are decorated with images of famous Turkish citizens.'' Local observers observed that Ceylan's initiative is very similar to that launched against Barbie in Saudi Arabia at the beginning of the Nineties as part of a religious campaign designed to ''save'' Muslim children from ''the dangerous influence of Western ideas.''(ANSAmed).