Monday, June 1, 2009

At Last ‘Taliban Singles Online’…!

"Laughter is the best medicine", and the best weapon against the brittle and constipated Muslim mentality.


At Last ‘Taliban Singles Online’…!
by Lennard James
24 May, 2009

Ever since the Internet has made its impact, every generation of computer users have one or more odyssey to cater their hunger in the form of information… People spend lots of their time on the Net and use this medium to exchange news/views on blogs, or send emails to friends & family, or for business purposes, or just plain porn… and many making friends in all parts of the world.
Today while I was going over the morning newspaper, there was some very interesting news regarding Islam. First, there are protests in Greece by illegal immigrant over alleged desecration of the Quran; and second, a fatwa from an Imam in Indonesia on Facebook: Muslim cleric warns against use of Facebook.

According to this Imam,
‘a non-binding resolution issued after a meeting of hundreds of Islamic scholars from Java and Bali islands, warns that using sites like Facebook can lead to pornography and “obscenity.” ‘We forbid the use of Facebook, Friendster and other social networking sites unless they are being used to foster Islamic teaching’, a spokesman for the clerics, Abdul Muid Shohib, said. ‘So spreading ill words about others, gossiping and other things that go against religious teachings on the social networking sites in the virtual world are forbidden according to Islamic law’.

Everything is forbidden in Islam… Now you imagine what these Muslim clergy have on their minds? Do only those things that give glory to Islam… otherwise shut it down… ’Praise Allah only and to his Muhammad’. He also said that, this medium is now widely used amongst his pupils and Imams in Indonesia….. hmmmmm…..

Why do people always have to bud into other's private affairs? If I use Facebook to keep in touch and make friends, why does it bother Allah and need my attention? Doesn’t Allah have other work to cater too?

But don't worry! The Stone Age minded Islamists are developing substitutes for sinful Internet medium, like Facebook. The Talibans, joining the bandwagon of Kafir Technology and trends, are also about to have their very own website, “TSO: Taliban Singles Online”. Here is a snap shot of their website below:

So dear readers, while the Stone Age minded barbarians continue to suicide-bomb the Internet with explosive fatwas, it will be interesting to see what kind of alternative products they come up with...