Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beware the True Believers

Mitch Albom points out the obvious (to everyone except the left and mainstream media) dichotomy between Obama's sniveling dhimmitude to Islam and Islam's continuing use of extreme violence to gain it's ends. The more Obama bows and scrapes before Muslim leaders, the more he puts America in jeopardy.


Beware the True Believers
By Mitch Albom

How many members are in your family, your close family, the family that comes to birthday parties or lifecycle celebrations? Ten? Twenty? I bet it's fewer than 40.

How about your friends — your close friends, the ones who call when you're sick, the ones who share vacations? How many? I bet it's fewer than 40.

How about your church, your synagogue, your mosque — people you know there, you shake hands with, you well-wish? Twenty? Thirty? Again, fewer than 40, right?

So imagine, all your family, all your friends or all your religious community. Now imagine if, in one fatal moment, they were all gone.

On Friday, in northwest Pakistan, a suicide bombing killed around 40 people in a mosque. This was during prayer hours. The carnage was so bad, according to news reports, that people saw body parts strewn in amid the rubble.

Everyone in your family. All your friends. That's how many 40 people represents. All wiped out with a single detonation.

Did you even hear about it?

Chances are you didn't. It made the cable news, but didn't lead it. It made some newspapers, but probably not many front pages. Forty people. Dead. Perhaps to someone, it was everyone he knew or loved.

But it was just another event in the bloody quilt of Islamic extremism.