Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Death toll

Death toll: These freshly dug graves are destined for the bodies of protesters shot during election rallies, according to Neda's fiance Caspian Makan

I came across this photo as part of an article (here) on the election riots in Iran. What struck me is that not only were these graves pre-dug by the mullahs in anticipation of many, many civilian deaths, but how precisely, and close together they are spaced. It demonstrates in an unintended way the overarching communal aspect of Islam. Recalling photos of Muslims praying, they are almost always shoulder to shoulder and going through their rituals in unison. Islam's strict control over Muslims with mandatory prayer 5 times per day and almost countless rules over every aspect of daily life illustrate the powerful hold Islam has over the unfortunates born Muslim. Such conformity will play heavily when the Islamic world begins open warfare against Western civilization.

While many in the West believe that the majority of Muslims are "moderate" will not join the global Jihad, that belief is a false hope. When Islam makes it's overt moves to conquer the West, every Muslim, "moderate" or not will have to openly choose sides. Based on the happenings of the past 30 years, and 1400 years of Islamic history, I don't see many Muslims siding with the infidels in the face of Jihad against the West.