Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Family of Abducted Christian Coptic Teenager Assaulted By Muslim Mob

This is an example, it is only one of thousands of similar crimes by Muslims against non-Muslims. Kidnapping non-Muslim girls and women, raping them, forcing them to accept Islam and then marrying them into virtual slavery is a common practice in the Islamic world. The arrogance, brutality and complete disregard for non-Muslims is apparent from this example of Muslims following Mohammed's edict to impose Islam on all of humanity.

Imagine the outrage if some Christian cult did the same to a Muslim woman.

Where will you be when the Jihad hits the street?


Family of Abducted Christian Coptic Teenager Assaulted By Muslim Mob

Cairo (AINA) -- In another incident of abduction and forced Islamization of Coptic minor girls, 16-year old Nermeen Mitry was abducted by a Muslim man to coerce her into converting to Islam. She was successfully recovered on the same day by her family, who did their own investigation and search to locate her.
Nermeen was abducted from El-Mahalla by Muslim Hossam Hamouda in conspiracy with his aunt Leila Attia; she was hidden away by a third person called Nasser Abu Deif from Assuit in Upper Egypt, at the home of one of his female relatives called Rasha Soliman in Zagazig.

The success of recovering the Coptic girl led to anger, revenge and assaults from the disappointed village Muslims against her family. Nearly 150 Muslims, armed with swords and clubs, physically assaulted five family members of the abducted Coptic teenager, as they drove back to their village after being forced into reconciliation with the abductor's family by State Security, compromising their right to pursue the case any further. "With every blow on us, they chanted 'There is only one Allah' while the Police stood there watching the assault, until we could take no more and three of us were hospitalized," said Nermeen's uncle Sameh Mitry in an aired interview with Coptic News on 6/7/2009. "They dragged us out of the car saying "Get out you followers of the Dog's religion!' They were consumed with anger ever since we got our girl back."

The police rounded up 11 Copts including the assaulted family and 14 Muslims. "The police let the real attackers go free and were just arresting people randomly," said Sameh. "We were released after 3 days except for two Copts whom the State Security held as pawns -- just in case we made any trouble they would be detained for a long time," said Sameh.