Sunday, June 28, 2009

Iran Pledges a 'Crushing' Response to U.S. Critiques

In light of Ahmadinejad's latest slap-down of Obama it will be interesting to see if Obama grovels some more, or comes out with more toothless, half-assed "tough" talk. While Obama struggles with being played the fool by every despot and mass murderer around, the Islamic Jihad is making huge strides in it's invasion of the West.

In the meantime Iran continues apace with it's development of nuclear weapons. They already have the basic delivery systems for delivering nuclear bombs on southern Europe the Middle East. It would not be surprising to find Iran's latest missile launches have been to test mass simulators and test components to prepare for mating real bombs to missiles. (Ditto for the Norks.)

Since Pakistan has already successfully mated Atomic Bombs to missiles, it's almost surprising that the Iranians and Norks are still behind in that area. Or are they?

Now all Iran needs are the missile capable bombs. I'd guestimate Iran is about 18 months away from not just an A bomb, but from having a nuclear tipped missile of intermediate range.


Iran Pledges a 'Crushing' Response to U.S. Critiques
Saturday, June 27, 2009 2:55 PM

EDITOR'S NOTE: Iranian authorities have barred journalists for international news organizations from reporting on the streets and ordered them to stay in their offices. This report is based on the accounts of witnesses reached in Iran and official statements carried on Iranian media.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vowed Saturday to make the U.S. regret its criticism of Iran's postelection crackdown and said the "mask has been removed" from the Obama administration's efforts to improve relations.
Ahmadinejad — with his internal opponents virtually silenced — all but dared Obama to keep calling for an end to repression of demonstrators who claim the hardline leader stole re-election through massive fraud.

"You should know that if you continue the response of the Iranian nation will be strong," Ahmadinejad said in a speech to members of Iran's judiciary, which is directly controlled by the ruling clerics. "The response of the Iranian nation will be crushing. The response will cause remorse."
Ahmadinejad has no authority to direct major policy decisions on his own — a power that rests with the non-elected theocracy. But his comments often reflect the thinking of the ruling establishment.

The cleric-led regime now appears to have quashed a protest movement that brought hundreds of thousands to the streets of Tehran and other cities in the greatest challenge to its authority in 30 years. There have been no significant demonstrations in days, and the most significant signs of dissent are the cries of "God is great!" echoing from the rooftops, a technique dating to the days of protest against the U.S.-backed shah before the 1979 Islamic Revolution.