Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Netanyahu’s Speech Enrages Arabs

Good. The more the Arabs are "enraged" the more likely they will make a strategic blunder. Like attacking Israel. It's long past time for Israel to force the hand of their Arab opponents. The longer Israel waits to deal with Iran, and the multitude of rabid Islamists in Gaza and the West Bank, the harder it will be to prevail. Israel needs to chose the time and pace of the next confrontation with it's Arab and Persian opponents.


Netanyahu’s Speech Enrages Arabs
by Robert Spencer

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu offered a peace formula that would create a Palestinian state while preserving Israeli security and national identity in his speech Sunday. The reaction? The Palestinians and others in the Islamic world are…enraged.

In Saudi Arabia, the state newspaper Al-Nadwa lamented that “every paragraph of Netanyahu’s speech makes us more pessimistic.” In Jordan, the pro-government newspaper Al-Rai huffed: “Netanyahu offered rotten merchandise. Nobody will buy it.” Mohammed Sobeih, the Arab League’s undersecretary general for Palestinian affairs, said that while “extremists in Israel” might like the speech, it was “too far from what peace needs.” The President of Lebanon, Michel Suleiman, said that the speech was “intransigent when it comes to dealing with peace or regarding the solution for Palestinian refugees.”

And that was just the beginning. Others charged that Netanyahu had brought the region closer to armed conflict. Hosni Mubarak, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, said that Netanyahu’s call to “recognize Israel as a Jewish state complicates things further and scuttles the possibilities for peace.” Apparently an Arab state is just fine, but a Jewish state, no. Lebanese Druze leader Walid Jumblatt, meanwhile, asserted that Netanyahu delivered “a war speech that practically torpedoed and crippled all possibilities for a compromise,” and that “makes the region susceptible to great dangers that might explode in different directions.”