Friday, June 26, 2009

Obama's Czars

From the secret bunker at PIG, a list of the latest list of Barack Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama's "Czars". The unelected henchmen who will change your way of life for the worse and put America into the poorhouse and at more risk of terrorist attack.


A Czar is someone who is appointed by the POTUS and is answerable only to the POTUS. Unlike a cabinet official, a ‘Czar’ is unencumbered by oversight from, or accountability to, the Legislature or the Courts. If a Czar is summoned to testify by a Congressional committee, the Czar can clam up and play that executive privilege 'get out of jail free' card. Checks and balances need not apply, it’s not your daddy’s Constitution Sparky.

Here, as far as we can tell, is a complete list of Messiah Barry’s Czars:

1. Herb Allison-TARP Czar
2. Alan Bersin-Border Czar
3. Dennis Blair-Intelligence Czar
4. John Brennan-Terrorism Czar
5. Carol Browner-Energy Czar
6. Adolfo Carrion, Jr-Urban Affairs Czar
7. Ashton Carter-Weapons Czar
8. Aneesh Chopra-Technology Czar
9. Jeffrey Crowley-AIDS Czar
10. Cameron Davis-Great Lakes Czar
11. Nancy-Ann DeParle-Health Czar
12. Earl Devaney-Stimulus Accountability Czar
13. Joshua DuBois-Faith-based Czar
14. Kenneth Feinberg-Pay Czar
15. Danny Fried-Guantanamo Closure Czar
16. J. Scott Gration-Sudan Czar
17. Richard Holbrooke-Afghanistan Czar
18. John Holdren-Science Czar
19. Van Jones Green-Jobs Czar
20. Gil Kerlikowske-Drug Czar
21. Vivek Kundra-Information Czar
22. George Mitchell-Mideast Peace Czar
23. Ed Montgomery-Car Czar
24. Dennis Ross-Mideast Policy Czar
25. Gary Samore-WMD Czar
26. Todd Stern-Climate Czar
27. Cass Sunstein-Regulatory Czar
28. Paul Volcker-Economic Czar