Thursday, June 11, 2009

Senate Pauses to Mourn Slain Museum Guard

When will the Senate pause to mourn Army Private William Long? It is fitting and right that the Holocaust Museum guard Stephen T. Johns be memorialized. But why was Private William Long, shot down by a Muslim terrorist not also memorialized by the Senate?

Shame on Harry Reid, and the entire Senate, and House of Representatives for that matter. Private Long was the first US soldier killed in America by a Muslim terrorist just as surely as if he had been killed in Iraq or Afghanistan.


Senate Pauses to Mourn Slain Museum Guard

WASHINGTON -- The Senate has opened its session with a tribute to the Holocaust Museum guard slain at his post by a gunman. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called it a "terrible and horrifying tragedy."

Reid said Thursday that museum guard Stephen T. Johns "was a victim of violence and hatred in a place dedicated to teaching us the evils of violence and hatred."
Authorities said Johns was shot after he held the door open for the lone shooter at the Washington museum on Wednesday. Johns died of his injuries later in the day.
Reid said the attack shocked and angered the Senate, the nation, and "all who detest this senseless bloodshed."

The shooting suspect, a white supremacist, was shot by guards and remained hospitalized on Thursday.