Thursday, June 25, 2009

Taliban amputate thief’s hands

What do the Taliban and Somali Islamists have in common? Why, they each believe, rightly, that they are following the demands of the Qur'an when they amputate arms and legs from thieves. There is little latitude in the Qur'an when it comes to punishments, since it is the perfect word of God that all muslims must obey it's every edict. So thieves will have at least one limb amputated.

In this case, BOTH the alleged thief's hands were cut off by the Taliban. It's almost as if the various Muslim sects compete to find the most horrible tortures to inflict on those poor unfortunates who run afoul of Islamic Sharia "justice".

And then the Muslim street has the gall to accuse Western nations of torturing captured Islamic terrorists.


Taliban amputate thief’s hands

By Saboor Khan

HANGU: Taliban on Tuesday amputated the hands of a man in Orakzai Agency in compliance with a punishment ordered by a “Taliban court” on charges of theft, locals said. Locals told Daily Times that the “court” in the Mamuzai area ordered the hands of Najibullah to be amputated. The punishment was carried out in the presence of several tribesmen.