Monday, June 8, 2009

The US must bring home the Somali terrorists body.

Now this is large portion of chutzpah which is pretty hard for Muslims to pull off. Here we have the Somali community of Minneapolis demanding that the US government bring back the body of a Muslim terrorist killed in Somalia. This particular Muslim terrorist happened to spend his entire life in America, reaping it's benefits, only to go to Somalia and wage Jihad. Well, I think that those demanding this should just go themselves, bury the traitorous bastard there, and then stay there with him.

We have more than enough two faced, devious, barbaric, 7Th century Jihad waging Muslims here now. At some point, Muslims in the West will have to be deported, or contained and kept from entering politics, gaining jobs with any level of security clearance or otherwise being in positions to subvert the national security.


The US must bring home the Somali terrorists body.

So says Omar Jamal, the one and only member of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center of Minneapolis. Give me a break!
This is a followup to my previous post, here, about the news that one of the Somali youths who left the US voluntarily to join al Shabaab, a radical Islamist terrorist group trying to overthrow the Somali government, has been found dead in Somalia. There are conflicting stories. Jamal says he died from artillery fire, others say he was shot in the head by his buddies, al Shabaab. But, no matter, Somalis in Minnesota headed by Omar ‘Jesse Jackson’ Jamal are “frustrated” and insisting the US investigate and bring home the body for burial.

From the Star-Tribune:
Omar Jamal, executive director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center in Minneapolis, said his group is looking into the death of the 17-year-old and asking federal officials for help in getting his body returned for burial. He said the teen was killed in artillery fire.

Bihi said his sister received many visitors offering condolences on Saturday. He added that family members were planning to hold a strategy session Sunday because they’re frustrated by the lack of progress with the investigation.
“We don’t want to sit down and wait for answers. We want to take action.”
Think about the nerve of this—demanding action and wanting US taxpayers to pay for returning the body to the US. Incidentally, this would be the second Somali terrorist we returned for burial in Minnesota. Here is a post on the first, and note that Omar Jamal is involved there too!
And, check out this last line. Guess the assimilation to America is working out real well—NOT!

Burhan Hassan, 17, was an infant when his family fled Somalia.

* Jamal’s one man advocacy group was in the news just yesterday, here,
calling police in Minneapolis racist. I wonder who taught Jamal his grievance politics?