Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dozens of bank staff taken to hospital with suspected poisoning

While this item certainly doesn't fit into my usual reporting of Islamic terrorism, it demonstrates just how easily panic and hysteria can overtake a group of people. In this case, it took only the innocent spraying of perfume to cause a panic. Islamic terrorists don't really need huge explosions to effect their goal of weakening Western resolve. As simple a thing as a small, essentially non-lethal nuclear, biological or chemical attack can trigger mass hysteria and disruption. A dirty bomb created with the small amount of radiological material from a few hundred smoke detectors could cause a stampede of people from a city. The anthrax attack of several years ago are also indicative of the economic damage a relatively non-lethal attack can cause.

Coordinating dirty bomb attacks in several cities combined with interdicting choke points on interstate highways and cutting of main power lines could cause panic and disruptions over a wide area involving millions of people. Such a scenario could be carried out by less than 100 people. If some of the so far disjointed Islamic terrorist cells ever combine, the damage they could wreak would cost trillions.

Where will you be when the Jihad hits the street?

Where are you now?


Dozens of bank staff taken to hospital with suspected poisoning... after colleague sprays herself with PERFUME

By Mail Foreign Service

Last updated at 3:12 PM on 30th July 2009

Almost 150 people needed medical treatment after a colleague in their office sprayed perfume at work.

Fire officials and paramedics had feared carbon monoxide poisoning or some kind of leak of other toxic fumes when staff in the Bank of America call centre fell ill.
Workers said they felt dizzy and short of breath and 34 had to be treated in hospital - 12 of whom were rushed there in ambulances.