Thursday, July 9, 2009

Failed Muslim Asylum Seeker Beats & Kicks Sales Assistant to Death

Import Muslims inculcated with the supremacist abomination of Islam and this this what you get. By their own definition, Muslims are the chosen of god and all others are less than dogs. It's amazing how unaware and uncaring Muslims are of the mores and customs of the societies they invade, and how little they give a damn.


UK - Failed Muslim Asylum Seeker Beats & Kicks Sales Assistant to Death

Well well - to no surprise to those of us who follow the ever escalating numbers of muslim crimes in Great Britain, Europe, USA and elsewhere -Algerian Mossab Belhocine was full of excuses as to why he brutally beat and murdered a young sales assistant - David Cooper, 28.
David Cooper was kicked so hard that Belhocine's shoe left an imprint on Mr. Cooper's head.

But to hear Mossab Belhocine whine - in typical muslim "victim mentality" style - it was he who was the real victim.

First this despicable man tried to say that he had to kick and punch as he was only defending himself from being raped by David Cooper. It takes an incredibly vile and degenerate person to make up such a perverted lie, against an innocent dead man - a man he murdered. But when it comes to muslim excuses - anything goes - and far to often - with dhimmified British judges - they work! After all, we have recently witnessed muslim criminal, Shazad Rahman's, excuse his child molesting behaviours by saying "he consumed far too much alcohol" and had been involved in a fight with his ex-girlfriend's brother" - which, by the way - was considered by a British judge as a legitimate excuse for committing repeated sexual assaults against a young girl.

Unfortunately, for Mossab, the Court was given evidence that he had all along been planning the robbery:"...he was part of a network of Algerian pickpockets operating in the Finsbury Park area."