Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gender violence translates into despicable crimes

More atrocities caused by and sanctioned by Islam in Pakistan.


Gender violence translates into despicable crimes

* Rawalpind police record shows 15 women killed in the name of honour, 14 raped, two thrown acid on, 15 physically tortured and over 70 kidnapped so far this year

By Imran Asghar

RAWALPINDI: Violence against women goes unnoticed and unchecked in Rawalpindi exposing the fact that performance of government and non-government organisations in this sector is below expectation.

Police record of first six and a half months of this year shows that 10-15 women have been honour-killed; 14 girls and women raped; two have become victims of acid throwing, one of whom died of burns; over 15 physically tortured and over 70 kidnapped.

It is soothing that the number of cases of violence against women remains less this year than the year before.

Honour killing: In the worst honour killing case, a woman and her aunt were killed in full view of a Jirga in the limits of Westridge Police Station.

Mubarrak Shah told police that he organised a Jirga to get his daughter Behmina divorced when her husband, along with four accomplices, opened indiscriminate fire on the participants, killing Behmina and her aunt Hakim Jan on the spot. Three more people were killed in the incident also. The police are still investigating the case.