Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Horrific “Honor” Attack

When you import Islam, you import terrorism, murder, torture and suppression of women, among other inhuman traits. Here is one more honor killing, even more brutal and sadistic than usual that took place not in Pakistan or Bangladesh, but in Canada. Can such horrors be far behind in America with it's ever increasing Muslim population?

Where will you be when the Jihad hits the street?


A Horrific “Honor” Attack
By: Stephen Brown

It was as cold-blooded and vicious an honor crime as any the West has seen, but with one difference. This time, the victim was male.

A 24-year-old Asian man is clinging to life in a British hospital after seven men attacked him last week in London for having a friendship with a married Muslim woman.

The unidentified man, who is Muslim himself and has Danish citizenship, was stabbed twice in the back and beaten so severely with bricks that authorities report he is now blind in one eye and will probably lose sight in the other. Acid was also poured down the victim’s throat, damaging his tongue and throat so severely he will probably never speak again.

“The poor man got up and ran straight into a tree, then staggered back to his house, tugging at his burning clothes and banging on doors, shouting for water,” said one woman who witnessed the attack.

The victim’s body was also doused with acid, burning more than 50 per cent and leaving him in critical condition. News reports state he is not expected to survive. His assailants, police say, were all wearing gloves and masks for protection against the sulphuric acid, which was 92 per cent strength.