Friday, July 17, 2009

The Making of the Muslim Mind

Read this to gain an understanding of the Muslim mindset and how it comes about.


The Making of the Muslim Mind
Monday, 13 July 2009 04:17 Mumin Salih

How Muslim minds are groomed to become lifelong zombies that they can't apply minimum logic and reason to discover numerous obvious errors and contradictions in the Quran and that they consider the most horrendous, unethical and barbarous actions of Muhammad as acts of great morality and humanity...

Once I was asked: how do Muslim intellectuals read the Quran without noticing its obvious errors? How do they read about Muhammad’s evident murders and stand with the murderer? How do they read about his wars and stand with him, the aggressor?
Having discovered the truth about Islam, I frequently ask myself those same questions: how did I do that? When I look at Islam from where I stand today, all its lies, absurdities and cruelties appear crystal clear to me. So, why it took me so long to see the most obvious?

From my own experience, I think it has to do with, what I believe, to be the most extensive brainwashing process a human can ever be subjected to. The Islamization of the Muslim mind is a process that starts immediately after birth and continues throughout his/her life. After birth, an adult holds the child and recites the azan, the call for prayers, directly into ears of the newborn. The moral of the practice is to prime the child’s hearing with the blessed names of Allah and Muhammad. Indeed, that call for prayers soon becomes the most frequently heard sound by Muslim children. The azan is repeated five times a day in every mosque in the area. If there are ten mosques in the area, which is common nowadays, the azan would be heard, through the loud speakers, fifty times a day. In addition, the newborn’s ears will get used to hearing the endless recitations of the Quran that go on almost continuously.

As Muslim children grow up, he/she hear more and read more of the Quran. The newborns open his/her eyes to the scenes of people performing the prayers, and grow up to the familiar sight of walls decorated with posters of Arabic calligraphy of some Quranic verses. Those Quranic posters, Islam’s only visual art, soon become mandatory sights in any Muslim houses, they may visit. Soon, the mind of Muslim children gets the message that there is something very special about the Quran, which they are destined to read hundreds of times without ever understanding it.