Monday, July 20, 2009

U.S. May Create Terror Interrogation Unit

This sounds good at first, but upon reflection it can only mean more restrictions on our troops fighting Islamist terrorists. I'm sure this new "Terror Interrogation Unit" will be staffed by lawyers and Department of State officials bent on giving every terrorist on earth the protections of American citizens enjoy in America. This is just another step in Obama's ceaseless efforts to weaken the US and encourage the Islamic Jihad.


U.S. May Create Terror Interrogation Unit

WASHINGTON -- A U.S. official says the Obama administration is considering creating a unit of professional interrogators to handle high-value terror suspects.
The recommendation is expected from a government task force on interrogation methods that plans to send some of its findings to the White House on Tuesday.
The official says the panel has concluded a special unit of intelligence and law enforcement agencies should be created. Also, the official says the task force is still unsure about which agencies should have a role, though the CIA and FBI are expected to be important players.
The official was not authorized to publicly discuss the task force's work and spoke on condition of anonymity.

In a related development, the ROE (Rules of Engagement) for the Marines in Helmand province have just been changed to make it almost impossible to fight the Taliban and greatly endangers our men. This is another way Obama can say he's fighting terrorism while in reality, he's making it impossible for us to win against the global Islamic Jihad.

It's only going to get worse as Obama finds other ways to appear to defend America while in fact he destroys it.


Something Is Happening Down There

July 19, 2009: The U.S. Marine advance into Helmand province is being slowed down by the new Rules Of Engagement (ROE), which forbid the use of bombs or missiles in any situation where there might be civilians. The Taliban will typically spend the night, or longer, in a village or walled compound, and that's where U.S. troops will typically trap them. But bombs and missiles cannot be used on these places, so U.S. troops have to besiege the place, or just move on, leaving the Taliban alone. Some marines get creative, like having the jet fighters or bombs make a high speed pass over the Taliban held buildings. The fearsome noise will sometimes unnerve the Taliban and cause a surrender, but not as much as it used to. Another favorite tactic is having the fighter (usually an F-16 or F-18) come in low and use its 20mm cannon. But these air craft only carry a few seconds worth of ammunition. Moreover, having these jets fly that low makes them liable to crashing (this has happened, at least once) or being brought down by enemy fire (has not happened yet). But the cannon fire sometimes induces the Taliban to give up, or try to flee.

The other option, when you have the Taliban cornered, and using human shields, is to go in and fight them room-to-room. That gets more Americans killed, as well as putting the Afghan civilians in danger. This room-to-room tactic has not been used much, as commanders don't want to take the heat for losing troops in that kind of fighting. If there is a lot more of this house to house fighting, and civilians get killed, the ROE may be changed again to forbid any kind of combat if civilians are present. This reduces the anger of locals from civilian deaths involving U.S. forces, but makes it much more difficult to hunt down and destroy the Taliban gunmen. The Taliban are still vulnerable, as they have to move in order to operate, and the Afghan Army or police can often negotiate a surrender, or go in and root them out by force. But the best troops available for chasing down the Taliban gunmen are the U.S. and NATO ones.