Monday, July 27, 2009

Very PC police force issues its WPCs with Muslim headscarves complete with badge for mosque visits

Assistant Chief Constable Jackie Roberts models the new headscarf

There are two versions of the head covering - to match the black of a police officer's uniform and the blue of the police community support officer's uniform

So now the police are forcing it's non-Muslim female officers, and by extension, all of Britain, to submit to Islam. If female PC's are not required to don a head scarf when entering a Catholic church then this is nothing more or less than an act of abject cowardice in the face of the Muslim violence and law suits. I suppose the officers are also required to remove their shoes before entering a mosque, thereby further delaying and rendering themselves less that ready to perform their duties.

This latest move to bow down to Islam degrades and humiliates all non-Muslims in Britain and makes the entire country into dhimmis and flunkies to Islam.

Where I a non-Muslim female officer, I would refuse to wear that symbol of submission to Islam. To wear a head scarf is tacit acceptance of the power of the plague that is Islam and a rejection of their own religion.


Very PC police force issues its WPCs with Muslim headscarves complete with badge for mosque visits

By James Slack, Home Affairs Editor

Last updated at 12:44 AM on 28th July 2009

Women police officers are being issued with headscarves to wear when they visit a mosque.

They are expected to put the scarfs on shortly before they enter the mosque, in keeping with Islamic custom.
There are two versions - one matches the black of a police officer's uniform, while another goes with the blue uniforms worn by community support officers.
The headscarves are being given out by Avon and Somerset Police, and have the force's emblem sewn on.
They have already been given to seven officers, including Assistant Chief Constable Jackie Roberts, and eight community support officers who work with Muslim groups in the area.

Mrs Roberts said: 'It recognises and respects the cultural and religious practices of our communities. This is a very positive addition to the uniform and one which I'm sure will be a welcome item for many of our officers.'
The force said the scarves, which cost £13, can be used in other religious settings as a mark of respect - for instance to cover the shoulders of a non-uniformed officer in a church.

Islamic custom expects women to cover their head inside a place of worship.
During an official visit last year, the Queen wore a headscarf to tour the crypt and caverns of an historic Islamic shrine in Turkey.
Rashad Azami, Imam and director of the Bath Islamic Society, said: 'It is highly pleasing to see that Avon and Somerset Constabulary is introducing specially designed head coverings for female officers.

'This will go a long way in encouraging a trustful relationship between the police and the Muslim community. The police have been working closely with the Muslim community for the last few years.

'We hope this step will further strengthen the mutual relationship.'
Avon and Somerset Police caused a race row two years ago when it rejected 186 white job applicants at the first stage of selection.
The force received 800 applications for 180 jobs and 'deselected' white males to increase ethnic diversity. Chief Constable Colin Port apologised.
This year, the fire service unveiled full-length skirts, hijab headscarves and long- sleeved shirts for Muslim women recruits to wear in fire stations and for events such as school trips.