Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dr. Gets 10 months for 10's of immigration violations

I'm just re-posting this from Debbie

Not only are there now some 500 immigrants here illegally, but the likelihood of them being deported is minuscule.

Just a wild ass guess, but being medically certified as mentally incompetent will allow them lifelong disability under SSI and Medicaid thus leaving them free to wage Jihad full time and "anchor" for the rest of their "extended families".

Dr. Gets 10 months for 10's of immigration violations

By Debbie Schlussel

Back in May, I told you about Dr. Chilakamarri Ramesh.

The psychiatrist–who lives in the swanky Detroit neighborhood of giant houses of Royal Point in West Bloomfield, Michigan–falsified diagnoses for hundreds of mostly Hezbollah-supporting Sh’ite Muslim aliens, so they could become U.S. citizens without speaking English.

Sadly, incompetent federal prosecutors, including terrorist-enabler Jonathan Tukel,asked for only twelve months prison time for him, and yesterday, he was sentenced to only ten.

It’s ridiculous. This man signed 953 fraudulent naturalization waivers for 492 people, most of them in Dearbornistan, some of them in Cleveland, St. Louis, and Chicago. That means he tried to help almost 500 non-English speaking Muslims to become citizens. I hope they were deported for immigration fraud, but I’ll bet they were not and that their immigration attempts were successful.

As I noted in the previous post about him, those who want to become citizens must take the citizenship test in English, unless they lack mental capacity . . . which is where Dr. Ramesh comes in. He falsified psychiatric evaluations on naturalization applicants at a Shi’ite Muslim-owned center, asserting that the applicants lacked mental capacity and should be excused from taking the citizenship test.

The Dearborn business where the fraud was conducted, Four A’s hope Global Psychological Evaluation Center, was owned and run by a Shi’ite Muslim, Walid Salah, Ph.D. a/k/a Al Kailane Walid a/k/a Walid Kailane, who was allowed to flee the country to Lebanon and has been a fugitive since 2003, and Salah’s relative, Samir Al-Kilaine, another Shi’ite Muslim.

Thrilling–isn’t it?–to note that a guy who tried to help almost 500 Muslim aliens illegally become citizens gets only 10 months in prison, less than many drunk driving convicts get. (No doubt the profits paid for his massive, expensive home.) Also thrilling: that the Muslim defendant–who was really the big fish here–fled the country and will never face justice.
Read the indictment and the full details here.