Saturday, August 1, 2009

Muslims are ringleaders OF 98% of Dogfighting in UK

Victim of Muslims


I know, I know, dog fighting is a universal evil practiced by members of all races and creeds, not just Muslims. Everyone involved in any way with dog fights is a low down piece of shit who should be flogged and jailed for life. But note from this story, Muslims are responsible for 98% of all dogfights in the UK, and the number of fights is growing at an alarming rate which parallels the influx of Muslims. Everywhere in the West there is a rise the Muslim population, there is a corresponding rise in crimes of all kinds, especially crimes against women, girls and the helpless.

Follow the link and read the whole article from The Opinionator, who has done the heavy lifting on this article.

Muslims are ringleaders of 98% of Dogfighting in UK

When it comes to the evil and ultimate cruel "sport" of dogfighting the USA has professional football player, Michael Vick and his despicable ilk - and the UK haS their ever growing muslim community.

There has been a huge increase in the numbers of dog fighting rings in Britain - a country well known for it's love of their dogs. But since the Labour government foisted rampant legal and illegal muslim immigration upon the British people - under the guise of multiculturalism - the prevalence of dogfigting has mushroomed. Primarily bull breed dogs are being used for this blood sport but even cats are abused for "fun".

"David Grant, of the RSPCA's Harmsworth animal hospital in north London said the capital was a hotspot for dog fighting in the streets. Merseyside, West Yorkshire and the West Midlands have also been identified by the RSPCA as areas with a similar problem. LINK

2004: 24
2005: 36
2006: 137
2007: 358 (132 street fighting)
2008: 284 (188 street fighting)
Source: RSPCA. Figures for England and Wales"

(edit: these are of course, only the KNOWN dog fights)

Of course - no surprise - all of the above mentioned cities are hot beds of the Religion of Peace.