Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nigerian police probe clashes that killed 700

Muslims in Nigeria have become emboldened to the point of attacking police stations, the mass murder of non-Muslims and burning down of whole neighborhoods. It's all part of the global Jihad.


Nigerian police probe clashes that killed 700

MAIDUGURI: Police in northern Nigeria are investigating how a homegrown Islamist sect managed to unleash a wave of violence that left more than 700 people dead last week, a police spokesman said Monday.

Moderate Muslim clerics and scholars said they had warned government officials about the sect’s violent tendencies — and that the alarms went unheeded before Boko Haram militants attacked a police station in Bauchi state on July 26.

Violence quickly spread to three other states before Nigerian forces retaliated, storming the group’s Maiduguri compound Wednesday and killing more than 100 fighters.

Police in the past few days have arrested 20 suspected members of the sect, Borno state police spokesman Isa Azaza said. Some were found with stocks of gunpowder, vats of acid, aluminum containers for bomb-making, assault rifles and black-and-white flags with Arabic inscriptions, Azaza said.

He declined to say where the men were from. Many Boko Haram members were purportedly from neighboring Niger.

‘Investigations are ongoing,’ he said, adding that police were still searching for fugitives.

Azaza said the group was well organized in its attacks on police stations and government installations.

‘They divided themselves and attacked all the police stations in the metropolitan area,’ he said. ‘It was a well-planned attack.’