Sunday, August 23, 2009

Residents thwart Rosengård street festival

Good luck making sense from this article form The Local, it's so PC it's almost meaningless.

This item is amazing in that it never once mentions or even hints that the Rosengard "residents" who, with the aid of the police, stopped a street festival were Muslim immigrants defended their "turf" against Swedish citizens (Kuffars) on public land. The pathological cowardice by the Swedish authorities in the face of Muslim ire is a snapshot of how the rest of the EU reacts to Islamic threats. Every concession, every step back from the rule of Western law in the face of Islamic incursions only strengthens the Muslims in their fanatical attempts to impose Sharia law on all of mankind.


Residents thwart Rosengård street festival
Published: 23 Aug 09 07:17 CET

A street festival held in the Rosengård district of Malmö deteriorated into a fight on Saturday evening as activists were forced out by area residents.

The “Reclaim Rosengård” street festival, which was conceived as a protest against the social conditions in Rosengård, didn’t exactly go according to organizers’ plans. The event was supposed to get underway at 8pm on Saturday, but after about 15 minutes the activists who had gathered to participate were pushed out by Rosengård residents.

The activists' floats with music were also barred from entering the predominantly immigrant neighbourhood.

“There were quite a few who had gathered, not only young people, but also a lot of parents. I think that patience has run out among the residents of Rosengård,” said municipal district representative Inger Leite to the TT news agency.

According to Leite, the Rosengård residents had made it clear previously that they didn’t want people to feel they had the right to come and speak to the residents who live there.

Instead, the activists gathered in front of a nearby petrol station where they threw stones, bottled, and burning objects at police cars.

By 2am Sunday morning, the disturbances remained in full swing. Several small fires were burning, including a hedge near the petrol station which had also had its windows broken.

Thirty minutes later, most of those involved had gone home and the situation had calmed down.

Other than a few small fires and the damage to the petrol station, no other serious incidents were reported, according to Skåne police spokesperson Lars-Håkan Lindholm.

No one was injured during the night’s disturbance and no arrests have been made.