Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Somalia — Christian Shot Dead near Kenya Border

Just following the Koran: If anyone leaves the religion, kill him. The press always terms these killers as radicals or extremists, but they are in fact the most pious and devoted Muslims following in the footsteps of Mohammed. Death for apostates at the hand of any Muslim is the ONLY penalty allowed by the Koran.


Somalia — Christian Shot Dead near Kenya Border
By R.E.A.L. Organization
on August 24, 2009

“Muslim extremists seeking evidence that a Somali man had converted from Islam to Christianity shot him dead Tuesday morning (Aug. 18) near the Somali border with Kenya, according to underground Christians in the war-torn nation.”
— “Al Shabaab rebels killed 41-year-old Ahmed Matan in Bulahawa, Somalia, according to Abdikadir Abdi Ismael, a former leader of a secret Christian fellowship in Somalia to which Matan belonged. Matan had been a member of the underground church since 2001. The early morning shooting comes at a time when Islamist groups led by al Shabaab are hunting down converts to Christianity as they seek to establish sharia (Islamic law) throughout Somalia. Ismael, who fled the area in 2005, said he received a telephone call from Matan two weeks ago in which the convert told him that monitoring by the Islamic extremists kept him from leaving his home and carrying out his small-trade business across the border in Mandera, in eastern Kenya. ‘I am afraid for my life — the al Shabaab want to get a proof that I follow the Christian faith,’ Matan told Ismael. ‘They have not been seeing me in the mosque and seem to have realized that I am not part of them.’”