Monday, September 21, 2009

After Mass Pig Slaughter, Living like ...... Pigs

Well, after the Egyptian government stole and slaughtered virtually every pig in the country, they are realizing that the Copts and the pigs owned by the Copts were how their garbage was disposed of. Let the mighty Egyptians pick up their own garbage.

The solution here is to allow every Egyptian Copt entry into the United States for the religious persecution by their Muslim Egyptian government and fellow citizens. For that matter, Christians being threatened by Muslims wherever they live should be given priority for immigration. At the same time, Muslims should be barred from immigrating or refugee status till such time as Islam reforms itself and enters the brotherhood of man.

After Mass Pig Slaughter, Living like ...... Pigs

This is rich. really rich. Remember I reported on the mass slaughter of pigs in Egypt because of "swine" flu. I know, geniuses. Public health experts said it was a "misguided attempt to combat swine flu".
The video was appalling.

Well anyway, now that they killed the pigs, there is no animal up to the task of devouring Egyptian garbage. No, seriously.

Now, the NY Times is concerned.

Belatedly, Egypt Spots Flaws in Wiping Out Pigs
NY Times (hat tip Laura)

CAIRO — It is unlikely anyone has ever come to this city and commented on how clean the streets are. But this litter-strewn metropolis is now wrestling with a garbage problem so severe it has managed to incite its weary residents and command the attention of the president.
“The problem is clear in the streets,” said Haitham Kamal, a spokesman for the Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs. “There is a strict and intensive effort now from the state to address this issue.”