Monday, September 21, 2009

Christian Evangelist beaten to death in Bangladesh

This fatal beating took place during Ramadan, the most "holy" month of the Islamic year. Ramadan is the most dangerous month of the year for non-Muslims in Moslem dominated countries. What is it about Ramadan that brings out homicidal attacks by Muslims? Perhaps it's the desire of Muslims to prove their piety and emulate the arch murderer and pedophile, Mohammed.


Christian Evangelist beaten to death in Bangladesh

Written by William Gomes
Sep 18, 2009

A Baptist youth minister and evangelist of the Free Christian Churches of Bangladesh was found seriously wounded in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, on Dhaka University’s campus, in the evening of Sept. 12, 2009.
Free Christian Churches of Bangladesh has been active for 25 years and has 320 churches and 30,500 members. The church has faced severe problems during the second Iraq War, and, at various times, evangelists were persecuted.

Police Sub-inspector Mohammed Wahid, of the Sahabag police station, said, “On Sept. 12, at around 8 p.m., I got a message that an unidentified man was found seriously wounded outside of Suhrawardi Park. I rushed to the scene and found the wounded man, and immediately took him to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Meanwhile, we came to learn from him that his name is Swopon Mondol and that he is a worker of Free Christian Churches of Bangladesh. His wife, Lucky Mondol, came to the hospital when she was informed about the incident. I left him at the hospital for treatment since his wife was there. Later, I came to know that Mondol died at 12:10 p.m., meaning in the early hours of Sept. 13.

“From local people, I came to know that Swopon Mondol and three or four people with him ran after some Dhaka University students over the issue of a theft. One of the students ran to the nearby campus and brought more students, who then beat Mondol brutally, until he fell down onto the floor.”

And another Islamic horror story from Bangladesh:

Widow mercilessly whipped after fatwa
Written by CDA Staff
Jul 18, 2009

Fatwa on a Woman

Comilla, Bangladesh, July 08 — Piara Begum (age 40), a widow, and Mamun Miah (age 25), from the Debidwar Upazila (subdistrict) in the Comilla district in southeastern Bangladesh, were mercilessly whipped after a fatwa decree.

Piara Begum’s husband had died five years earlier, leaving behind five children. Locals said that, after the death of her husband, Piara developed illegal intimate relations with her neighbor, Mamun Miah. On June 19, late at night, some young people of the Khaiyar village found Piara in an intimate situation in Mamun’s room, locals said.

The villagers called for arbitration the night of June 20, and the assistant super of the Debidwar Dakhil Madrasa, Mawlana Md Manirul Islam, ordered a fatwa (religious edict) that both Piara and Mamun be fined Tk 30,000 each, that Mamun will marry Piara, and that, for their alleged involvement in activities against society, Piara be whipped 202 times and Mamun 101 times, locals said