Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Indonesia's Aceh to stone adulterers under Islamic law

Inch by inch, step by step, fanatical Muslims encroach on the world in their efforts to impose Sharia over all of mankind. In Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world pious Muslims are about to impose caning or stoning on those accused of adultery. Indonesia has been held up as a moderate and progressive member of the world community. However, that has changed with the ascension of pious Muslims who wish to enforce the most draconian facets of Islam.

That most Indonesians don't seem to follow the ultra strict interpretation of Sharia is immaterial. Plainly, the majority are just as afraid of the radicals as any non-Muslims, and for good reason. In the final analysis, the most violent and fanatical Muslims will take control over their less devout brethren and impose an ultra strict version of Islam.

This pattern is being repeated over the entire Muslim world as the most pious and radical elements impose Sharia through terror of the threat of caning, amputations, stoning and hanging for even the most trivial of offenses.


Indonesia's Aceh to stone adulterers under Islamic law

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia — Indonesia's staunchly Muslim Aceh province is set to enforce a strict form of Islamic criminal law, including stoning to death married adulterers, a lawmaker said on Wednesday.

"Unmarried people who commit adultery will be caned one hundred times and married persons will be stoned to death," Raihan Iskandar, a provincial lawmaker from the Islamic-based Prosperous Justice Party, told AFP.
Aceh, where separatists had been fighting the Indonesian government since 1976 until a peace deal in 2005, has so far only partially adopted sharia law, which requires modest Muslim dress codes, mandatory prayers five times a day, fasting and the giving of alms to the poor.

Sharia was implemented under a broad autonomy package granted by the central government in 2001 to pacify the hardline Muslim region's demand for independence.

"This bill only focuses on ethical issues which include consumption of alcohol, gambling, committing adultery and raping," Iskandar said.
Aceh's provincial parliament was scheduled to pass the new law Monday, he added.

Crimes such as murder, robbery and corruption will not fall under the new law in Aceh, located at the northern tip of the island of Sumatra.
Nearly 90 percent of Indonesia's 234 million people are Muslim, most of whom practise a moderate form of the religion.