Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pakistan Police Thwart Attack on Karachi Oil Facility

Once again, Muslim terrorists have taken advantage of cross dressing as women in the all encompassing burqas to try another terror attack. France just announced that it will try to ban the wearing of burqas for security reasons, and the rest of the West should follow suit.

It's amazing that such a homophobic bunch should dress as women to carry out their attacks. I wonder if they put on lipstick and wear falsies to complete the disguise.


Pakistan Police Thwart Attack on Karachi Oil Facility


ISLAMABAD -- Islamic militants clad head-to-toe in women's burqas attempted to attack an oil storage facility in Karachi, raising fears that insurgents are fleeing northwestern Pakistan and infiltrating the nation's main business hub.
Three gunmen, disguised as women, tried to enter the high security facility used by oil companies, late Monday night, Waseem Ahmed, the city police chief, told Pakistani television on Tuesday. When stopped by security guards, militants opened fire, killing one of the guards. The assailants fled during a gun battle, leaving behind their burqas, purses and hand grenades.

Pakistani police officers examined weapons and ammunition left behind by attackers in Karachi, Pakistan, on Tuesday.
"We suspect they wanted to carry out a big terrorist attack which our prompt police action thwarted," said Mr. Ahmed, the police chief, in an interview with the Geo TV Pakistan.