Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beggar loses artificial limb

Muslim humanity in action.  This is just too disgusting, but not surprising and illustrates the Muslim sense of charity and compassion.
That a man had to beg for ten years in order to obtain a prosthesis is typical in Muslim lands.


Beggar loses artificial limb

Ten years’ earning burglarised in five minutes

By Fawad Ali Shah

KARACHI: Kachkol, 67, who had lost his right foot in an accident in 1997 and entered the field of begging since then, is shedding tears and cursing humanity unlike the traditional beggars who pray for humanity, sitting on Daudpota Road in the shelter of high buildings.

He opted to become a beggar as he could not work and was the only survivor of his family.

“They have stolen my artificial limb,” he replied as the waves of his voice lost their importance to the loud noise of the cars and buses passing by with larger wavelengths and could not reach the ears of the police officials sitting in a van at a distance of around 25 metres busy smoking.

The beggar said that after 10 years of subjugating his self-respect on roads and getting cursed for even a single penny, he had been able to purchase an artificial foot for himself. “Early in the morning two men came to me, one gave me Rs 2 in alms and the other offered sweets,” said the beggar with a white beard looking at the well-constructed buildings and the faces of human beings through spectacles, with a fracture in the right glass.

The two men who were in their twenties offered him sweets and after eating the sweets he lost his senses and went to sleep.

He found himself in a miserable condition when he regained consciousness. The foot that he had collected after 10 years of killing his respect and touching the feet of other human beings was no more there.

Since he was a beggar and no one respected him, the passersby never thought of listening to him and the police ignored him also. It was obvious from his condition that he was not completely in his senses. It took five minutes for criminals to take his foot, which took 10 years to purchase.