Wednesday, October 7, 2009

China: Al-Qaeda urges holy war to defend Muslims

Boy is this ever good news.  Al-Qaeda is calling for a Jihad against China to defend Uighurs in the Xinjiang region.  This should be a bloody affair since China is not known for gentile responses to challenges to its authority, and Al-Qaeda is not known for its peaceful ways.

It's a case of two totalitarian forces meeting in a struggle for dominance.  The more China and Islam are at each other's throats, the better for the West.


China: Al-Qaeda urges holy war to defend Muslims

Rome, 7 October (AKI) - A leading Al-Qaeda militant on Wednesday called on Muslims worldwide to defend Uighurs in China's restive northwestern region of Xinjiang. He told Uighurs to prepare for a holy war or Jihad and urged a "vast media campaign" to raise awareness of their fate at the hands of "oppressive" China.

In the video posted to jihadist websites, Abu Yahya al-Libi appeared to launch a frontal assault against China.

"This massacre is not being carried out by criminal Crusaders or evil Jews who have committed crimes against our nation," al-Libi stated.

"Today, a new massacre is being carried out by Buddhist nationalists and communists against the Muslim population in eastern Turkestan," said al-Libi.