Sunday, October 4, 2009

Driving Out the Swedes

Baron Bodissey, with the help of contacts on the frontlines of the war against the Islamic Jihad in Europe present yet another example of Muslim encroachment through the daily use of random violence.  In a pattern repeated for over 1000 years, Muslims bully, intimidate and attack the good people of a Kuffar host country to take over one area of territory after another.  In this case, the hapless government of Sweden continues to hold onto the failed theory of multiculturism in the face of ever expanding Muslim takeover.  This is a pattern being repeated throughout Europe.


Driving Out the Swedes

Our Swedish correspondent CB has translated an article about an elderly Swedish woman who was recently set upon and beaten by young cultural enrichers. This story highlights a recent trend: “persons of Swedish background” fleeing their homes to escape violence perpetrated by immigrants.

If honesty were possible when discussing such topics, we would refer to this process as “ethnic cleansing”.

If the same actions were carried out in Bosnia by, say, Serbs against Muslims, they would be labeled “genocide”, and the full weight of the UN would be applied against them.

But this is the EU, and these young thugs are part of the glorious multiculture which all must learn to celebrate.

CB had this to say in his cover note:

This is an article from Gefle Dagblad, a newspaper in the Swedish town GĂ€vle, which is situated some seventy kilometres north of Uppsala. Some articles report that the area has a bad reputation, and that people want to leave, but not all of them can afford to. I’ve also read that a lot of people are fed up with the housing agency, GavlegĂ„rdarna. On the one hand, they have a responsibility for how they take care of their area. With bad management, people stop caring for their neighborhood, and unsavory people turn up, too. But this isn’t the first time we have read about immigrants beating up old native people in Sweden and other European countries.

Here we have a senior citizen who was part of building Sweden into a wealthy country, so wealthy that we have taken in a lot of foreigners. Some for good reasons, and others without any good reasons at all. And some of these people now reward senior citizens be beating them up. How noble!

I notice that Gefle Dagblad cut the comments tonight, since they thought they had become to harsh and in some instances racist in tone. I just eyeballed them, very fast, and some went over the line, but many were just plain furious about this happening to an old lady for no apparent reason. It seems that many comments on articles in different newspapers are becoming angrier and more polarized, compared with just a year ago. And more and more often the debates turn plain ugly and nasty.

Here’s the translation from Gefle Dagblad.  
Follow the link to the original article to see photos showing some of the injuries sustained by Birgitta:

Birgitta was brutally beaten up

She felt at home in Andersberg — but not anymore