Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Egyptian Government Aids and Abets Forced Conversion of Copts

Egypt continues to be an Islamic stronghold of repressive Sharia law.  The government agencies of one of Americas oldest "secular" Arab "allies" uses it's police forces to aid and abet kidnapping, forced marriages and conversion of Coptic women.

The first report details the government's direct involvment in the abduction, forced marriage and conversion to Islam of a young Coptic girl.  Despite Egypt's official stance that all citizens are protected under Egyptian law, the truth is just the opposite.

Let us not forget that Egypt is the home of the Muslim Brotherhood, perhaps the most dangerous Islamist group working for the global imposition of Sharia law.  The Brotherhood's great danger comes from it's infiltration of Western societies in order to subvert them via the ballot box.

These two reports illustrate why the US must sever all aid to Egypt until such time as the government treats all citizens equally under the law. 


Coptic Family Forced to Surrender Woman Rescued in Egypt

With extortion and violence, authorities pressure father to return daughter to Muslim husband.
ISTANBUL, October 9 (CDN) — State Security Investigations (SSI) forces in Egypt arrested, abused and then extorted money from a Coptic Christian for rescuing his daughter from her Muslim husband, who was holding her against her will in Alexandria, according to sources in Egypt.

Security forces also arrested 10 people in Alexandria and tortured them in an attempt to find those involved in the rescue. Authorities are preparing to make a new wave of arrests, the sources said.

On Sept. 30, they said, the only daughter of Gamal Labib Hanna called home and asked her family to save her from her Muslim husband. How Hanna’s daughter, Myrna Gamal Hanna, came to marry Mohamad Osama Hefnawy is disputed, but sources said the now-20-year-old woman was 19 and under the age of marital consent when she and Hefnawy were wed 10 months ago.
In the second case, the Egyptian military harassed, tortured and eventually murdered a young Copt conscript for refusing to convert to Islam.   


Forced Islamization of Christian Conscripts in the Egyptian Army

Posted GMT 10-12-2009 20:4:43

(AINA) -- Mistreatment of Christian conscripts in the Egyptian army, including beatings, psychological harassment and torture, at the hands of radical Muslim officers to force them to convert to Islam is widespread, but is rarely reported by conscripts for fear of reprisals.
In the latest incident, 22-year-old draftee Mubarak Masood Zakaria, a Coptic Christian, died in mysterious circumstances on August 15, 2009. Three days after his death the police in Mallawi summoned his father, Masood Zakaria, to inform him of his son's "sudden death" of "natural causes," and give him the body and burial permission. "We were not allowed to see the body," said the father, who works as a rope spinner and lives under the poverty line, in the Upper Egyptian village of Deir Abu Hennes, Mallawi, in Al-Minya Governorate.
Although the death certificate stated "cause of death still under investigation," permission for burial was granted.
On their way to the church for the funeral ceremony, the odor from Mubarak's corpse was so offensive the Zakaria family and some mourners decided to inspect the body before its burial. They discovered that Mubarak's body was riddled with bullets, his face was bruised and his abdomen was cut open and sewn.

According to Egyptian civil law, a woman under the age of 21 has to have approval of her father or another male member of her family if the father is deceased. In Myrna Gamal Hanna’s case, no such approval was given.
Moreover, sources said, the woman’s future father-in-law was inexplicably allowed to stand in place of her father in approving the marriage, in violation of Egyptian law.

Later, sources said, Hefnawy and his father converted the young woman to Islam.