Thursday, October 22, 2009

Enriching Iran's Uranium

Not only has Barack Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama taken the missile defense system from Poland, the Czech Republic and the rest of the EU, and given Turkey the Patriot anti-missile system with which can threaten US aircraft in the area, he has now enabled Iran to move ahead with it's nuclear weapons program. Is there nothing he will not do to undermine America and the West while strengthening the Islamic Jihad?

If some low level official helped Iran the way Obama has, he would be tried for treason.


Enriching Iran's Uranium: Obama Gives Iran's Nuke Program a Helping Hand

This will test the bounds of your ability to suspend your disbelief. And please spare me the talk about Obama's naivete. This is no accident.
Moving Iran's Nuclear Clock Forward (TIA Daily)
by Jack Wakeland

Washington Post columnist David Ignatius passes on a report in Nucleonics Week that Iran's uranium enrichment may be stuck at 3.5% due to impurities.
The Iranians have not been able to remove low percentages of metallic fluorides from the UF-6 feed stock that they've laboriously enriched to 3.5% U-235 over the past five years. This has the potential to stop their enrichment program cold—at the level used for civilian nuclear power.

Thus, the Obama administration's offer to have the Iranians' impure 3.5% UF6 shipped to Russia where it can be enriched to 19.75% in that nation's modern, high-capacity radio-chemical plants may not be of merely incremental assistance to the raving anti-Semitic military junta that runs Iran. It may be essential for the continuation of their own independent bomb program (independent, that is, from whatever of North Korea's bomb program they're sharing).