Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Muslim at Islam on Capitol Hill prayer event: "Homosexuals must be killed"

File this under "In Their Own Words". 

This is a short clip of a "moderate" Muslim-American in Washington DC quite calmly and clearly and accurately declaring that Sharia law calls for the death of homosexuals.  This took place at the highly touted "prayer event" on Oct. 25, 2009.  

The clip was produced by Act! For America,  an advocy group dedicated to the exposure of Islamic Jihad in America.  The founder Brigitte Gabriel is a Christian refugee driven from her homeland Lebanon by Muslim supremacists.  Lebanon until only 20 years ago was a Christian majority country.  It is now torn by Islamic Jihad and dominated by Muslims. 

Point being, Islam is on the march around the world to impose Sharia law by demographics, political action and violence on all of mankind.

Where will you be when the Jihad hits the street?  Will we allow America to become another Lebanon?