Friday, October 23, 2009

Stop using limited powers in a way that expands our enemies' advantages over us

A violent, global war with Islam is inevitable.  The current maneuverings by the Arab street via the UN to isolate Israel is about to push Israel into a position where it MUST make a first strike on Iranian nuclear facilities. 


Stop using limited powers in a way that expands our enemies' advantages over us

By Caroline B. Glick
If, to paraphrase Carl von Clausewitz diplomacy is war by other means, then just as armies are called upon to concentrate their efforts and resources where they can do the most good for their cause, so governments must utilize their diplomatic resources - whether plentiful or scarce - to advance their most important national interests.

The Palestinians and the Iranians have formidable diplomatic resources at their disposal. Both the Palestinians and Iran can expect to receive the support of automatic majorities at the UN for everything they do. And today most international diplomacy is conducted under the aegis of the UN or its affiliated bodies. Understanding their strength, the Palestinians and the Iranians use the UN and its affiliated organs to advance their most important goals. In the Palestinians' case, UN-based diplomacy is used to delegitimize Israel. In the Iranian case, UN-based diplomacy is used to facilitate the mullocracy's acquisition of nuclear weapons. Over the past week, both the Palestinians and the Iranians enjoyed strategic victories in their diplomatic campaigns.

Last Friday, the UN Human Rights Council passed a resolution condemning Israel in every possible way for asserting its sovereignty over its capital city and for defending its citizens against wanton, massive, unprovoked and illegal terror from the skies emanating from Hamas-controlled Gaza. The resolution represented a massive achievement for the Palestinians. It referred Israel to the Security Council with the recommendation that Israel's leaders be tried as war criminals before international tribunals. That is, the UNHRC's resolution effectively delegitimized Israel's right to exist by denying that it has a right to defend its territory and its people from illegal aggression carried out by an illegal terrorist organization.

Then on Wednesday, Muhammad elBaradei, the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency's virulently anti-Israel Chairman announced a deal has been reached between Iran and the US, Russia and France regarding Iran's nuclear program. The deal -- which the parties initialized in Geneva after just three days of talks -- legitimizes Iran's nuclear weapons program and effectively transforms the US, the EU and Russia into facilitators rather than opponents of that program.

According to news reports of the accord, the US agreed to send American personnel to Iran to upgrade a research reactor in Teheran that was provided to the Shah in the 1960s. Russia agreed to increase enrichment levels of Iranian uranium from their current level of 3.5% to 19.75%. And France agreed to transform the higher-enriched uranium into metallic nuclear fuel.