Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Couple Fined for Assaulting Man’s First Wife

An interesting look into Islamic polygamy.  This is the sort of thing we are importing into the West.  Along with honor killings, female genital mutilation and forced marriages, we also import the whole of Islamic culture.  How quaint, the guy just shows up with his new wife (second) and says, honey I have a surprise for you, meet the new girl.


Couple Fined for Assaulting Man’s First Wife

18 November 2009 DUBAI — A 42-year-old school teacher and his second wife were each sentenced to paying Dh2,000 in fine by the Court of Misdemeanours on Tuesday for assaulting the man’s first wife.

The case dates back to December 11 last year when the Emirati teacher’s first wife, an Emirati teacher of a school, filed a complaint with the Al Qusais police against her husband and his 30-year-old second wife who is an Iraqi. The Emirati woman told the cops that as she returned to her villa in Mizhar that day, she was surprised to see the couple sitting in their villa’s majlis.

“It was about 7.30pm. My husband, to whom I have been married for 20 years, asked me to say ‘Hi’ to his second wife, aged 30,” the plaintiff said.
Following that, a verbal argument started between the two parties and the plaintiff alleged that her husband pulled her hair, pushed her to the ground and then punched her. She claimed her husband’s second wife assisted him in punching her repeatedly.

The man and his second wife told the prosecutors that the plaintiff had started the fight by insulting them with abusive words.

Defence counsel Abdullah Taher argued in the court that the complaint was malicious and vindictive. “The Emirati wife was obviously upset because her husband had married the second time and brought his second wife to live with them in the same villa,” the counsel argued.

Taher also said the statements of the plaintiff were contradictory. “She told the cops that they had pushed her to the ground and hit her on different parts of her body. However, she claimed during the prosecution investigation that the couple had chased her outside the home and thrown stones at her,” the counsel said. Taher told the court that there is no legal ground for the case since the two parties had reconciled with each other at the Family Guidance Section at the court in August this year.

The teacher has five children from his compatriot wife while he has one child from his Iraqi wife, to whom he has been married for about two years.